The Center of Heaven and Earth - Historic Monuments of Mount Songshan

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Table of Contents
Chapter I Why is the term “the Central Kingdom”?      1

Chapter II Mount Songshan: The Center of Heaven and Earth      9

Chapter III The Nation’s Grand Events: The Three Han Que Gates, the Zhongyue Temple and Sacrifices on Mountains      45 
Section One The Three Han Que Gates: The Earliest Tangible Evidence to Sacrifices on Mountains      46 
Section Two From the Taishi Shrine to the Zhongyue Temple: Sacrifices on the Central Sacred Mountain      58

Chapter IV The Observatory in the Center of Earth: The World of Astronomy in Ancient China      73 
Section One Culture Reflected in Astronomy      75 
Section Two Obsession with “the Center of Earth” in Ancient China      78 
Section Three The Giant Sundial Built by Guo Shoujing at the Center of Earth      88

Chapter V The Chan Buddhism and Martial Art: Localization of Buddhism at Mount Songshan      97 
Section One The Cradle of the Chan Buddhism Deep in the Luxuriant Woods of Mount Shaoshi      98
Section Two The Huishan Temple: A Witness to the Growth of Chinese Chan Buddhism      108 
Section Three Motion and Tranquility: Martial Art and Chan      114

Chapter VI The Songyang Academy of Classical Learning: A Frontier of New Confucianism      125 
Section One An academy Growing out of a Temple      126 
Section Two A Place of Rebirth of Confucianism: The Witness to the Crisis and Rejuvenation of Confucianism      136

Chapter VII Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism at Mount Songshan: From Rivals to Being in Harmony      143 
Section One Taoism: The First Step on Mount Songshan      144 
Section Two Harmony Between Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism at Mount Songshan      150

Chapter VIII An Architectural Epitome      161 
Section One An Example of the Official Architecture: Yingzao Fashi and the Main Hall of the Chuzu Temple      162
Section Two Innumerable pagodas in the Pagoda Forest in the Shaolin Temple      174
Section Three A Milestone Work of Chinese Pagodas      186

Epilogue      194

Appendices      196 
Appendix I Tour Map of Historic Monuments of Mount Songshan      196 
Appendix II Emperors who Offered Sacrifices to Mount Songshan      197 
Appendix III The Pagoda Forest of the Shaolin Temple      205 
Appendix IV Important Pictures on the Three Han Que Gates      230 
Appendix V Important Structures within the Zhongyue Temple      234 
Appendix VI Important Steles and Other Cultural Relics at Mount Songshan     238
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The Center of Heaven and Earth - Historic Monuments of Mount Songshan