Chinese Famous Mountains and Rivers (English)

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Author: Xiao Xiaoming;
Language: English
Page: 106
Publication Date: 10/2002
ISBN: 7119030639 / 9787119030639
Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

Based on the old Chinese saying that the noble people love mountains while the clever people enjoy rivers, the book gives a vivid description of China’s most famous scenic areas and the culture associated with it. With a focus on photographs, it contains more than 110 pictures, accompanied by brief introductions and two beautiful post cards.

Table of Contents
The Yollow River
Kunlun Mountains
Mount Tianshan
The Tarim River
Mount Hengshan
Mount Wutai
Mount Haushan
Mount Songshan
Mout Taishan
The Songhua River
The Yangtze River
The Yarlun Zangbo River
the Himalayas and Mt Ervrest
the Nujang River
Mount Qingcheng
Mount Emei
The Huangguoshu Waterfall
Mount Wudang
Mount Hengshan
Mount Jinggang
Mount Wuyi
Mount Jiuhua
Mount Putuo
The Lijiang River
Mount Ali
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Chinese Famous Mountains and Rivers (English)