The Uncertainties of Ideal Theory on Hemirings

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Author: Zhan Jianming;
Language: English
Format: 23.8 x 16.8 x 1.6 cm
Page: 280
Publication Date: 06/2015
ISBN: 7030443098,9787030443090
Publisher: Science Press
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Hemirings
1.2 Fuzzy sets
1.3 Rough sets
1.4 Soft sets
Chapter 2 Fuzzy h—ideals
2.1 Fuzzy h—ideals
2.2 Fuzzy h—bi—(h—quasi—,h—interior)ideals
2.3(∈,∈Vq)—fuzzy h—ideals
2.4(∈,∈Vq)—fuzzy h—bi—(h—quasi—,h—interior)ideals
2.5(∈γ,∈γ Vqδ)—fuzzy h—ideals
2.6(∈γ,∈γ Vqδ)—fuzzy h—bi—(h—quasi—,h—interior)ideals
Chapter 3 Hemirings via(∈γ,∈γ Vqδ)—fuzzy h—ideals
3.1 h—hemiregular hemirings via(∈γ,∈γ Vqδ)—fuzzy h—ideals
3.2 h—intra—hemiregular hemirings via(∈γ,∈γ Vqδ)—fuzzy h—ideals
3.3 h—quasi—hemiregular hemirings via(∈γ,∈γ Vqδ)—fuzzy h—ideals
3.4 h—semisimple hemirings via(∈γ,∈γ Vqδ)—fuzzy h—ideals
Chapter 4 Fuzzy soft hemirings
4.1 Soft hemirings
4.2 h—(h—bi—,h—quasi—,h—interior)idealistic soft hemirings
4.3 Four kinds of hemirings by soft h—idealistic ideals
4.4(∈γ,∈γ Vqδ)—fuzzy soft h—(h—bi—,h—quasi—,h—interior)ideals
4.5 Four kinds of hemirings by(∈γ,∈γ V qδ)—fuzzy soft h—ideals
Chapter 5(M,N)—SI—hemirings
Chapter 6(M,N)—SU—hemirings
Chapter 7 Hemirings via(M,N)—SI—h—ideals
7.1 h—hemiregular hemirings via(M,N)—SI—h—ideals
7.2 h—intra—hemiregular hemirings via(M,N)—SI—h—ideals
7.3 h—quasi—hemiregular hemirings via(M,N)—SI—h—ideals
Chapter 8 Hemirings via(M,N)—SU—h—ideals
8.1 h—hemiregular hemirings via(M,N)—SU—h—ideals
8.2 h—intra—hemiregular hemirings via(M,N)—SU—h—ideals
Chapter 9 Rough soft hemirings
9.1 Fuzzy congruences and fuzzy strong h—ideals
9.2 Rough fuzzy(fuzzy rough)strong h—ideals
9.3 Rough soft hemirings

The Uncertainties of Ideal Theory on Hemirings