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Level: 成人(学汉语), 汉语研究者

The Pearl River, the thied longest river of China after the Yangtza and the Yellow rivers and the second largest by volume after the Yangtze,as History can prove,is destined to witness and exemplify the great changes of the Chinese nation.

The three tributaries of the Pearl River,the West tributary originating from Qujing prefecture,Yunnan province,and the North and the East tributaries flowing ferrly through Jingxi Province,surge down into Guangdong Province and converge there as a long,swift and surging current.

About the Author
Born in1948,native of Yongding County,Fujiabn Province,Zhang Shengyou is a senior entitled to receive special allowance of the State Council.He studied at Chinese Department of Fudan University and graduated in1982.
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