Textiles from Dunhuang in French Collections

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Textiles from Dunhuang in French Collections concerns two of the most prestigious collections (the Musee Guimet and the Bibliotheque nationale de France), encompassing all the pieces brought back by Paul Pelliot in 1909 after his famous expedition in Central Asia. This publication will greatly enrich the international project focusing on the comprehensive study of the textiles discovered at the beginning of the nineteenth century in Mogao Caves, near Dunhuang. It provides us, for the first time, with an exhaustive inventory including several dozens of unpublished or recently restored materials. In this work, mobile paintings, banners and sutra covers are studied by the best textile specialists and by expert connoisseurs of these collections. These treasures significantly enhance our knowledge of the ancient techniques, religious practices, and cultural and trading exchanges from Dunhuang and the mythic path now called 'the Silk Road'.
Eric Trombert
Associate Director, Centre de Recherche sur les Civilisations de I'Asie Orientale (Research Centre on Civilizations of Eastern Asia)
Table of Contents
General Preface
Xu Mingzhi
Jacques Gies
Zhao Feng Laure Feugere
Laure Feugere
Dunhuang Textiles at the Bibliotheque nationale de France
Nathalie Monnet
Conservation of the Dunhuang Textiles at the Musee Guimet
Claire Lefevre-Beugnot
The Range of Textiles from Dunhuang in the French Collections
Zhao Feng Xu Zheng Zhou Yang
Shapes of Banners, Wrappers and Covers from Dunhuang in the
Pelliot Collection
Wang Le
Wang Le Xu Zheng Zhao Feng
Laure Feugere Nathalie Monnet
1. Banners
2. Sutra Covers and Wrappers
3. Woven and Braided Silk
4. Dyed and Painted Silk
5. Embroidered Silk
Complete List
Wang Shujuan Wang Le
The Musee Guimet Collection
The Bibliotheque nationale de France Collection
1. Concordance
Wang Le
2. Chinese Glossary
Kuang Yanghua
3. Bibliography
Kuang Yanghua Laure Feugere
4. Exhibitions of Dunhuang Textiles from the French Collections
Laure Feugere
5. Relevant Documents from Dunhuang and Turfan
Kuang Yanghua
6. Chronology of Chinese History
7. Index
8. Cr
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Textiles from Dunhuang in French Collections