Textiles from Dunhuang in UK Collections

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A Complete Study of Textiles from Dunhuang is one of the key publication projects of China's Eleventh Five Year Plan, It has been initiated and sponsored by Donghua University, and includes collaboration with the China National Silk Museum, the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the British Library, the Music Guimet, the Bibliotheque Nationale de France, the State Hermitage Museum, the National Museum of India, the Dunhuang Academy and the Lushun Museum etc. The aim is to produce a systematic and comprehensive scientific study of all the known silk textiles from the Mogao Grottoes, Dunhuang. This is a multi-volume publication project, with each volume representing a different location. The first volume in the series covers the Dunhuang textiles in the UK.

Editor's Recommendation
Silk and hemp textiles constitute a barely known aspect of the treasures from the Buddhist cave shrines near Dunhuang in western China,but these precious fabrics,representing two of the world’s major textile traditions,bring the essenceof the Silk Road vividly to light Just as silk itself is one of the marvels of humaninvention,the Dunhuang textiles in the Stein collection,some complete items,other fragments zealously conserved since antiquity,miraculously preserve agreat variety of weaving and embroidery techniques,whose great beauty andintricacy is revealed in this volume through enlarged details of each fabric.Leading an international team,Zhao Feng combines his technical expertise witha profound knowledge of and enthusiasm for ancient textiles,defining thetechniques that were needed for each of them,and reconstructing completedesigns from the surviving fragments,so that ordinary readers as well as special-Ists can fuIly appreciate the extraordinary qualities of each piece Roderick Whitfield Emeritus Professor of Chinese and East Asian Art School of Oriental and African Studies.University of London

Silk is one of China’s ancient inventions Through trade,it reached into Central Asia.India,Persia and Rome,through routes collectively known as the Silk Road A great number of silk textiles have been found at Dunhuang,a major centre onthe Silk Road This book is the first comprehensive study of those silk textiles andtheir designs It brings together scholarship and art to show the brilliance and splendour of China's silk culture Rong Xinjiang Professor,Peking University
Table of Contents
General Preface
Xu Mingzhi
Neil MacGregor Mark Jones Lynne Brindley
Zhao Feng
Dunhuang Textiles in London
Helen Wang Helen Persson Frances Wood
A Typological and Chronological Study of Dunhuang Textiles
Zhao Feng Wang Le Xu Zheng
The Use of Textiles as Recorded in the Documents Found at Dunhuang
Bao Mingxin Shen Yan
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Textiles from Dunhuang in UK Collections