Ancient Towns Around Shanghai: TONG LI

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Language: English
Format: Papercover
Page: 131
Publication Date: 05/2010
ISBN: 9787119061689
Tongli is known as a museum of architecture of the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911). Among the stunning structures there are the Fuji Hall, the Chongben Hall, the Old Residence of Ji Cheng, the Old Residence of Fei Gong and the Old Residence of Chen Qubing, all well preserved ancient houses. The Tuisi Garden epitomizes garden architecture in southeast China. The “sky bridge” – a bridge that spans a corridor – and the stone boat are the garden’s main attractions. Sitting in the stone boat, visitors can enjoy the green hills and crystal-clear water. On Luoxingzhou, an islet in the lake completely surrounded by water, there stands a tall pavilion from which you can look out over a vast expanse of water and mist. The Guandi Temple, the Hall of Guanyin and the Wenchang Pavilion represent the coexistence of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism in the garden. Walking along Ming and Qing Street and then across the Three Bridges, you can wish for peace, luck and happiness, and it is believed your wishes will come true. In the Old Residence of Chen Wangdao, visitors listen to the music of local stringed instruments accompanying ancient love stories.
Table of Contents

A Water Town on the Land of Plenty by the Yangtze
Land of Rice and Fish
Picturesque Water View Dotted with
Houses and Bridges
The Many Delights of Tuisi Garden
Memorial Archway of the Chen Family and the Pear/Pagoda
Ancient Housing Compounds
Carved Designs in Chongben Hall
The Best Teahouse in Southeast China
Former Residence Of Chen Qubing
Folk Residences
Unique Bridges and Local Customs
Listening to the Rain on Luoxingzhou
Scenic Spots
LocaI Delicacies
How to Get to Tongli
Ticket Prices
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Ancient Towns Around Shanghai: TONG LI