Literati Gardens - Poetic Sentiment & Picturesque Allure

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This is a collection of scholarly writings by Chen Congzhou, one of the most preeminent scholars in the field of garden history. It provides a fascinating look into various aspects of traditional Chinese garden design and culture and represents a serious, in-depth work of research into the gardens’ form and content, the discrete biography of their creators and the individual characteristics that make up the rich history of garden design through time. It provides both the garden enthusiasts and specialists with an accessible introduction to the essentials of traditional Chinese garden design and historic landscape restoration, as well as a scholarly view of this great tradition.

About the Author
Chen Congzhou (1918-2000), born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, a TongjiUniversity professor of architecture, the leading Chinese garden historian of his generation, as well as a practicing landscape architect who playeda vital role in conservation of classical Chinese gardens. A five-installment monograph, “On Gardens”, established him as the father of Chinese gardens of 20th-century China.
Table of Contents


Notes from the Translator译者絮语

Part One Gardens Wrought in Spitten Images of Heaven 虽由人作,宛自天开

Suzhou Gardens: An Overview苏州园林概述

Master-of-Fishnets Garden, Suzhou苏州网师园

Dark Blue Waves Pavilion, Suzhou苏州沧浪亭

Retreat and Reflection Garden, Tongli同里退思园

Yangzhou Gardens and Dwellings扬州园林与住宅

Small-Rock Mountain Abode扬州片石山房—石涛叠山作品

Qiao’s Garden, Taizhou 乔园

A Note on Rebuilding Water-Inked Garden 重修水绘园记

Gratification Garden, Inner Garden, Shanghai上海的豫园与内园

Shen’s Garden, Vernal Waves Bridge, Shaoxing绍兴的沈园与春波桥

West Lake Gardens, Hangzhou西湖园林风格漫谈

Slender West Lake, Yangzhou瘦西湖漫谈

South-and-North Lake, Haiyan 南北湖

Notes on Prince Gong’s Mansion恭王府小记

Summer Palace, Beijing颐和园

Mountain Summer Resort, Outlying Temples, Chengde避暑山庄

Part Two Garden-Making Precepts and Aesthetic 造园准则与美学

On Gardens 1 说园

On Gardens 2续说园

On Gardens 3说园三.

On Gardens 4说园四.

On Gardens 5 说园五

Gardens South and North Differ in Scenery园林分南北 景物各千秋

Poetry, Prose and Craft of Gardens中国诗文与中国园林艺术

Gardens and Landscape Painting 园林与山水画

Gardens and Kunqu Opera: Beauty’s Tour de Force园林美与昆曲美

Joy of Daily Rambling of Gardens园日涉以成趣

View Borrowing in Garden Architecture建筑中的“借景”

Country Dwellings and Gardens 村居与园林

Chen Congzhou Timeline 陈从周生平

Bibliography 参考书目

Glossary 附录

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Literati Gardens - Poetic Sentiment & Picturesque Allure