Qiang-Style Bulwarks, Embroidery and Folk Houses

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Author: Zhou Yaowu;
Language: Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese
Format: Hardcover
Page: 120
Publication Date: 05/2009
ISBN: 9787541038709
Publisher: Sichuang Fine Arts Publishing House
The album,entitled Qiang-Style Bulwarks,Embroidery and Folk Houses,is the masterpiece of the photographer Zhou Yaowu. Zhou has spent years in the Qiang regions shooting tens of thousands of photos of villages and hamlets. The album incorporates the best photos and classifies them into three categories: bulwarks,embroidery and folk houses. The majestic bulwarks,assorted villages and exquisite embroidery testify to the industry, intelligence and perseverance of the Qiang nationality and the time-honored history of the Qiang culture.
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Qiang-Style Bulwarks, Embroidery and Folk Houses