Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2010

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Language: English and Chinese bilingual
Publication Date: 08/2010
ISBN: 9787503759918
Publisher: China Statistics Press
Series: Anhui Statistical Yearbook
"Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2010" system included a provincial and municipal, county (district) in 2009 statistics, and each of the major periods in 1978, the province has some of the key statistics, is a fully reflect the economic and social development of Anhui's informative annual.
 "Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2010," the body is divided into 22 chapters, namely: 1. Administrative divisions and natural resources; 2. Comprehensive; 3. National Accounts; 4. Population; 5. Employees and wages of workers; 6. Fixed Assets investment; 7. energy; 8. financial, banking and insurance; 9. price index; 10. people's lives; 11. agriculture; 12. industry; 13. the construction industry; 14. Transport and Telecommunications; 15. domestic trade; 16. foreign economic; 17. tourism; 18. education, technology and culture; 19. sports, health, social welfare, environmental protection and other; 20. regional economic key indicators; 21. the city's main economic indicators; 22. counties (cities) of main economic indicators. Meanwhile, the appendix has four chapters: 1. Part of the province (city) key statistical indicators; 2. China Macao Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong SAR and China, the main statistical data; 3. China Taiwan Province, the main statistical indicators; 4. Some major international and regional statistics.
Table of Contents
1, administrative boundaries and natural resources;
2, integration;
3, national accounts;
4, population;
5, practitioners and staff wages;
6, fixed assets investment;
7, energy;
8, finance, banking and insurance;
9, the price index;
10, the people's lives;
11, agriculture;
12, industry;
13, the construction industry;
14, transport and telecommunications;
15, the domestic trade;
16, Foreign Economic Relations;
17, tourism;
18, education, science, technology and culture;
19, sports, health, social welfare, environmental protection and others;
20, the regional economic key indicators;
21, the city's main economic indicators;
22 counties (cities) and districts key economic indicators.
1, some provinces (municipalities) key statistical indicators;
2, China Hong Kong SAR and China's Macao Special Administrative Region of the major statistical data;
3, China Taiwan Province, key statistical indicators;
4, some of the major international and regional statistics.
Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2010