Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2013 (with CDRom)

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"Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2013" The book is divided into 24 chapters and appendices, namely: integrated; National Accounts; Population; Employment and Wages; fixed asset investment; energy production and consumption; Finance, Banking and Insurance; price index; people's living standards; city before; natural resources and environmental protection; agriculture; industry; construction; transport and telecommunications; domestic trade; foreign trade; tourism; education, science and technology; health and social services; culture and Sports; public administration and other ; business sentiment survey; provincial and county of major economic indicators and ranking. Appendix are: poor counties basic monitoring and towns across the province. To further assist the reader in understanding and use of data, each chapter with a brief description and interpretation of key indicators, introduced the statistical coverage and statistical methods.
"Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2013" 2012 Annual Report of the statistical part of the professional caliber of new changes, a brief description of the relevant chapters were revised higher.
"Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2013" in this yearbook units of measurement used are internationally standard measurement units.
"Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2013" Notations used in this book: "..." indicates that the data is less than the minimal number of units of measurement; "space" indicates that no statistical data; "#" indicates the major items.
"Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2013" in the Yearbook part of the total number or relative number of units to choose different calculation error, not adjusted. The book is bilingual, supporting the publication of magnetically disc.
Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2013 (with CDRom)