Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2016

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"Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2016" comprehensive, systematic collection of the province in 2015 and the city and county economic and social aspects of statistical data, highlight the "second five" since the Anhui economic construction and social development achievements, is a comprehensive reflection of Anhui The annual national economic and social development of the information.<br/>
"Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2016" The book is divided into 23 chapters and appendices, namely: comprehensive; national economic accounting; population; employment and wages; fixed assets investment; energy production and consumption; finance, finance, insurance; Tourism, education and science and technology; health and social services; culture and sports; public administration and others; the development of the economy; the development of human resources; the protection of the environment; Provincial and county-level main economic indicators and ranking. Appendix part of the main: poor counties monitoring, the province formed the basic situation of the town, corporate e-commerce situation. To help the reader understand and use the data, each chapter is accompanied by a brief description and explanations of key indicators. The statistical range and statistical methods are presented.<br/>
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Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2016