Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2011 (with 1 CD)

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Ⅰ. Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2011 is an annual statistics publication, which covers mainly statistics in 2010 at provincial level and local levels of city and county, mainly systematic reflecting statistics during the period of “eleventh-five-year-plan” at provincial level, therefore, mainly shows various aspects of the new achievements that the people in Anhui made in economic construction and social development in the period of “eleventh five-year-plan”.

Ⅱ. In coordination with the strategic demands of the construction and development of the “twelfth-year-plan” in Anhui  Province , we newly added the contents of that main indictors of  Wanjiang demonstration areas and Hewubeng experiment areas, completion status of 33 livelihood projects in entire province, the sixth national population census, personnel resource service organization and business, professional manager and skill appraisal, countryside investment and safeguard room construction, energy consumption, S&T Research and experiment development , urban construction and so on. Simultaneously it has demonstrated glorious achievements of  the period of “eleventh-five-year-plan” and the picture propaganda celebration column of the Party 90th anniversary, has demonstrated and highlighted economic development new view of the municipality, the county area, the development zone, as well as obtained new result by the various departments, various units, under directly the entire provincial administration.

Ⅲ. The book contains the following 22 parts and appendix. Division of Administrative Areas and Natural Resources; General Survey; National Accounts; Population; Employment and Wages; Investment in Fixed Assets; Production and Consumption of Energy; Finance, Banking and Insurance; Price Indices; People's Livelihood; General Survey of Cities, Environment Protection; Agriculture; Industry; Construction; Transportation, Postal and Telecommunication Services; Wholesale, Retail Sale and Catering Trade; Foreign Trade and Tourism; Education, Science and Culture; Sports, Public Health, Social Welfare and Others; Key Enterprise, Group and Business Survey; Main Economic Indicators and Their Orders of Precedence of Provinces and Counties. The appendix includes: observation and survey of poor counties and environmental protection in 2008 and so on. To help readers further understand and make use of the data, each part is supplemented by brief introduction and explanatory note on main statistical indicators, introducing statistical coverage and statistical methods.

Ⅳ. The units of measurement used in this book are internationally standard measurement units.

Ⅴ. Notations used in this book: “…” indicates that figure is not large enough to be measured with the smallest unit in the table; “(blank)” indicates that data not available; “#” indicates the major items of the total.

Ⅵ. Statistical discrepancies due to rounding are not adjusted in this book. Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2011 year is compiled in Chinese-English bilingual way and magnetic CD-ROM is published to form a complete set.

Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2011 (with 1 CD)