Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2015 (with CD)

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"Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2015" comprehensive and systematic collection of 2014 the province and municipalities, counties all aspects of economic and social statistics, Anhui Key to show achievements in economic construction and social development "five" since, is a comprehensive reflection of Anhui Province annual national economic and social development.<br/>
"Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2015" the number of new non-public corporate units, the number of small micro-enterprise legal person units, maternity insurance, rural residents per capita disposable income of industrial enterprises above designated size content product and process innovation and so on.<br/>
"Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2015" The book is divided into 23 chapters and appendices, namely: synthesis; national accounts; population; employment and wages; fixed asset investment; energy production and consumption; Finance, Banking and Insurance; price index; urban and rural areas People living; city before; natural resources and environmental protection; agriculture; industry; construction; transportation and Posts; domestic trade; foreign economic trade; tourism; education and science and technology; health and social services; cultural and physical education; public administration and other; provincial and county levels of major economic indicators and ranking. Appendix are: poor counties monitored, the basic situation of the province's towns, business e-commerce situation. To help readers understand and use the data, each chapter with a brief description and explanation of the main indicators, introduced the statistical coverage and statistical methods.
Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2015 (with CD)