A Chinese-English Dictionary of Acupuncture & Moxibustion

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Author: Dong Hanwu;
Language: Chinese, English
Page: 568
Publication Date: 05/2012
ISBN: 9787564504496
Publisher: Zhengzhou University Press
Table of Contents

Compiler's Note 
Index of the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet System 
The Dictionary 
附录一 骨度分寸表 
Appendix 1 Table of Bone Proportional Measurment 
附录二 常用耳穴示意图 
Appendix 2 Points Figure of Ear Acupuncture 
附录三 标准化头针穴位图 
Appendix 3 Standard Nomenclature Figures of Scalp Acupuncture 
附录四 十四经循行分布示意图 
Appendix 4 Figures of Fourteen Meridians 
附录五 十四经腧穴图 
Appendix 5 Points Figure of Fourteen Meridians 
附录六 世界卫生组织标准化针灸专业基本术语 
Appendix 6 Standard Nomenclature of Basic Technical Terms of Acupuncture of WHO 
附录七 汉语笔画索引 
Appendix 7 Index of the Strokes of Chinese—character 
Reference Books

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Sample pages of A Chinese-English Dictionary of Acupuncture & Moxibustion (ISBN:9787564504496) 

It is one type of point location according to proportional unit of the body,1 cun is equal to the length between the ends of the transverse creases of the finger knuckle on the flexor side of the thumb.It is often used to measure and locate points on the limbs(See Fig.180). 
操作:毫针刺,用泻法,每日1次,每次留针30 min,太阳可点刺出血。 
选穴:眼、神门、耳尖或耳背静脉。方法:耳尖或耳背静脉用三棱针点刺放血,每日1~2次,其他穴位针刺,每次留针30 min,留针期间运针2次。 
Reddish Swollen and Painful Eyes 
It refers to reddish and painful eyes,photophobia with delacrimation which are a main acute familiar ophthalmic symdrom,also called acute contagious conjunctivitis which often occurs in springtime and summertime,has infectivity and epidemic. 
The disease corresponds modern medicinal acute conjunctivitis,epidemic conjunctivitis,false membrane conjunctivitis,etc. 
1.Acupuncture Therapy 
Recipe: Hegu(LI 4),Taiyang(EX-HN 5),Jingming(BL 1),Taichong(LR 3) 
Point combining: Combined with Shaoshang(LU 11)and Fengmen(BL 12)for wind-heat,combined with Xingjian(LR 2)for exuberance fire of liver and gallbladder. 
Manipulation: Filiform needle puncture.It is applied reducing needling method,once a day.The needles are retained for 30 minutes per time,maycause bleeding with pricking me-thod on Taiyang(EX-HN 5).

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