Science of Acupuncture and Moxibustion

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Aside from fulfilling a traditional Chinese medicine course requirement in university, what is the point of writing a book in introducing Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion. We believe that acupuncture underlies the most important and advanced learning which is capable of collecting new knowledge and clinical applications based on the classic TCM theories. In this book. we tried to find the most effective ways.
Table of Contents
CHAFFER 1 General Introduction to Meridians and Collaterals
Section 1 Composition of the System of Meridians and Collaterals
Section 2 Biao, Ben, Gen, Jie of the Meridians, Qi Thoroughfare and Four Seas
Section 3 Physiological Functions of the Meridian System and Clinical Application of the Theory of Meridian
CHAFFER 2 General Introduction to Acupoints
Section 1 Development, Classification and Nomenclature of Acupoints
Section 2 Effects of Acupoints
Section 3 Specific Points
Section 4 Methods of Locating Acupoints
CHAFFER 3 Respective Introduction to Meridians and Acupoints
Section 1 Twelve Regular Meridians and Their Acupoints
I . Lung Meridian of Hand -Taiyin
II. Large Intestine Meridian of Hand - Yangming
III. Stomach Meridian of Foot - Yangming
IV. Spleen Meridian of Foot - Taiyin
V. Heart Meridian of Hand - Shaoyin
VI. Small Intestine Meridian of Hand - Taiyang
VII. Bladder Meridian of Foot - Taiyang
vm. Kidney Meridian of Foot - Shaoyin
IX. Pericardium Meridian of Hand -Jueyin
X. Triple Energizer Meridian of Hand - Shaoyang
XI. Gallbladder Meridian of Foot - Shaoyang
XII. Liver Meridian of Foot - Jueyin
Section 2 The Eight Extra Meridians
I . Governor Vessel
lI. Conception Vessel
III. Thoroughfare Vessel
IV. Belt Vessel
V. Yin Link Vessel
VI. Yang Link Vessel
VII. Yin Heel Vessel
VIII. Yang Heel Vessel
Section 3 Fifteen Collaterals
Section 4 Commonly - used Extraordinary Points
I.The Points of Head and Neck
II. The Points of Chest and Abdomen
III.The Points of Back
IV. The Points of Upper Extremities
V. The Points of Lower Extremities
Chapter 4 Manipulating Techniques with Fihform Needle
Section 1 Structure, Specification and Examination of Fihform Needle
Section 2 Needling Practice
Section 3 Selection of Filiform Needles and Sterilization
Section 4 Posture of the Patient
Section 5 Manipulations of Inserting Needle
Section 6 Manipulations of Needling Techniques
Section 7 Getting Qi
Section 8 Reinforcing and Reducing Methods
Section 9 Retaining and withdrawing the Needle
Section 10 Prevention and Management of Possible Accidents in Puncturing
Section 11 Precautions in Acupuncture Treatment
Chapter 5 Moxibustion
Section 1 Functions of Moxibustion
Section 2 Classification and Application of Moxibustion
Section 3 Precautions, Contraindications and Management of Moxibustion
Chapter 6 Other Acupuncture Therapies
Section 1 Cupping Therapy
Section 2 Three - edged Needle Therapy
Section 3 Cutaneous Needle Therapy
Section 4 Intradermal Needle Therapy
Section 5 Electroacupuncture Therapy
Section 6 Point Injection Therapy
Chapter 7 Scalp Acupuncture
Section 1 Locations and Indications of the Standard Lines
Section 2 Manipulations
Section 3 Indications and Precautions of Scalp Acupuncture
Chapter 8 Ear Acupuncture
Section 1 Relations Between the Auricle and Zang- fu Organs and Meridians
Section 2 Anatomy of the Auricles Surface
Section 3 Distributions, Locations and Indications of Ear Points
Section 4 Clinical Application of Ear Acupuncture
Chapter 9 General Descriptions of Treatment
Section 1 Treatment Principles of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
Section 2 Acupuncture and Moxibustion Prescription
Section 3 Clinical Application of Specific Points
Chapter 10 Acupuncture and Moxibustion Treatment
Section 1 Painful Syndromes of the Body
Section 2 Internal Diseases
Section 3 Gynecological and Pediatric Diseases Irregular Menstruation
Section 4 External Diseases
Section 5 Diseases and Syndromes of the Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat and Tooth
Section 6 Other Miscellaneous Disorders
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