Lotus Lantern (Bao Liandeng) (1 DVD)

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Author: Guang Xichang; Guang Xichang;
Language: Chinese
Format: 1 DVD
Publication Date: 04/2006
ISBN: CNE280630400
Publisher: Shanghai Animation Film Studio
Series: Chinese Classical Animation Films

Lotus Lantern was the most popular film in China in 1999. It features ancient fable of Chengxiang fighting with the God Erlang and reunited with his mother. Lotus Lantern is a China's Disney movie. It took four years, with over 150,000 cells animated, over 2,000 backgrounds painted, and 12 million yuan ($1.5 million) to make this all star movie.

Chinese Mandarin (Pu Tong Hua) Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround

Chinese (Traditional)
Chinese (Simplified)

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Lotus Lantern (Bao Liandeng) (1 DVD)