English for Acupuncture and Moxibustion

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Language: English
Format: 25.8 x 18 x 2.4 cm
Page: 400
Publication Date: 10/2015
ISBN: 9787519203696, 7519203697
Table of Contents
Unit 1 Introduction
Text A Huang Di Nei Jing and Acupuncture & Moxibustion
Text B A Brief History of Acupuncture
Supplementary Reading Doctors support acupuncture
Unit 2 Meridians
Text A Part Ⅰ The Channels and Collaterals
Part Ⅱ The Conception Vessel and the Governing Vessel
Text B Practical Application
Supplementary Reading An approach to understanding the channel divergences
Unit 3 Points
Text A Rules for Selecting Points
Text B Energy—balancing Points
Supplementary Reading Effect of acupuncture depth on muscle pain
Uriit 4 The Eight Extra Meridians
Text A The Eight Extraordinary Channels (Qi Jing Ba Mai) Trajectory,Symptomatology and Treatment
Text B The Eight Extraordinary Vessels
Supplementary Reading An Introduction to Li Shi—Zhen's Exposition on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels
Unit s Needling Methods
Text A Principles of Acupuncture Treatment
Text B Technique of Acupuncture
Supplementary Reading New Method of Acupuncture Needling
Unit 6 Methods of Moxibustion
Text A A Brief Introduction to Moxibustion and Cupping
Text B Moxibustion: Classification and Application
Supplementary Reading Halt Allergies with Moxibustion Therapy
Unit 7 Diacgnosis and Treatment of Internal Medicine
Text A Acupuncture in primary headache treatment
Text B Abdominal Pain
Supplementary Reading Intense Acupuncture Benefits Bell's Palsy
Unit 8 Diagnosis&Treatment of Gynecology&Pediatrics
Text A The Treatment of Breast Pain with Acupuncture
Text B The Treatment of Children's Pain in the Entire Body with Acupuncture
Supplementary Reading Acupuncture for Menopausal Problems
Unit 9 Diagnosis&Treatmet of Traumatic Injury&Dermatology
Text A Clinical Practice Guideline of Acupuncture for Herpes Zoster (Ⅰ)
Text B Clinical Practice Guideline of Acupuncture for Herpes Zoster (Ⅱ)
Supplementary Reading Impact of Acupunctre on Medicine in the United States
Unit 10 Diagnosis&Treatmet of E.N.T.
Text A Tinnitus
Text B Allergic Rhinitis
Supplementary Reading Acupuncture for glaucoma
Key to Exevcises
Appendix 1—3
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English for Acupuncture and Moxibustion