English-Chinese Railway Dictionary

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  • Language: Chinese, English
  • Format: 21.6 x 15.6 x 5.4 cm
  • Page: 1578
  • Publication Date: 05/2016
  • ISBN: 9787113208172
  • Publisher: China Railway Publishing House
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general characteristic 一般特性
general circuit parameter 一般电路参数
general classification of merchandise 货物大体分类,货物普通分等表
general closing 一般结账
general command interface 通用命令接口
general communication interface 通用通信接口
general comparator 通用比较仪
general computer通用计算机
general concept 一般概念
general conditions of contract 合同通用条款
general configuration of landforms 地貌
general configuration of the earth's surface 地貌
general connection diagram 总接线图
general contract 总承包合同
general contractor 总承包商,总承包人
general cost完全成本
general cost of transportation 运输总支出
general crossed check 普通画线支票
general crypt device 通用加密装置
general data communication interface 通用数据通信接口
general data transceiver 通用数据电台
general department 总务部,总务处
general description 概述,一般说明
general description of proposal 建议综述
general diffused lighting 一般漫射照明
general distribution system 普通供电系统,一般配电系统,一般分配系统。
English-Chinese Railway Dictionary