Chinese Figure Painting for Beginners

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To paint a live human figure is the most challenging task for an artist. Like people in other professions or hobbies, aspiring figure painters need two things-ambition and skill. Specially prepared for non-Chinese readers, this manual offers easy, step by step instruction, plus interesting information about the history and development of Chinese Figure painting.

About the author

Jia Xiangguo, M.A.,bynamed Wodan and styled as Master of the Six Peak Studio, was born in Shexian County,Hebei Province, in 1958.He is a current director of the Federation of Chi-nese Painters and Calligraphers, executive vice president of the China Academy of Painting and Calligraphic Arts, professor at Beijing Institute of Elite Education, professor at Beijing Huangpu Art Institute, member of Chinese Artists Association, full time director of the China As-sociation of Artists of Traditional Chinese Paint-ing and member of China Oil Painting Association, His works were displayed in the sixth, eighth and ninth national art exhibitions,as well as in 13 international art exhibitions held in France, USA, Japan and the former Soviet Union, winning 5 gold medals, 7 second prizes,and 5 international prizes. His works have found their way into art collections in France,USA and Japan. Besides all this, he is also the author of dissertations of 60,000 words. 

Table of Contents
Introduction (Wen Jingen)
A Glimpse into Chinese Figure Painting Through the Dynasties
Brushwork and Application of Ink
Painting a Face, a Hand and a Foot
Factors for Lifelike Depiction
Creating a Figure Painting
Gallery of Figure Paintings in Ink
DIY: Minimum Backing Make
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Chinese Figure Painting for Beginners