Three-step Method for Freehand Painting

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Author: Yan Kangwen;
Language: English
Format: 21.4 x 21 x 1.8 cm
Page: 203
Publication Date: 09/2016
ISBN: 9787508535098
Three-step Method for Freehand Paintings is easy to learn, being designed to make hard things simple. The flowers and plants, vegetables and fruits, grass and insects are most basic and common subjects for initially learning how to produce Chinese paintings as they are relatively simple to paint. The concise three-step method visually presents the painting process and will help readers quickly master the sequence of painting, and the priority of brushes and ink.
Table of Contents
Preface / 1
Definition of Freehand Painting / 1
Tools and Materials Used for Chinese Paintings / 3
Basic Usage of Chinese Painting Colors / 12
Vegetables and Fruits / 16
Techniques of Painting Different Vegetables and Fruits / 18
Overall Painting Techniques of Vegetables and Fruits / 40
Flowers and Plants / 72
Painting Techniques for Different Flowers and Plants / 74
Overall Painting Techniques of Flowers and Plants / 98
Grass Insects / 138
Techniques of Painting Different Grass Insects / 142
Overall Painting Techniques of Grass Insects / 170
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Three-step Method for Freehand Painting