China's Laws (in English)

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The Chinese Government and its people have been going ahead toshape up their own judicial system and build Chinese nation intoa powerful and united society based on the rule of law. Over 3o yearsof efforts, the Chinese legal system has improved graduallvand itsconcept and practice have become mature. The Chinese governmentand people began cherishing such hard-won achievements. We trulyunderstand the significance and role of Chinese law only throughproper understanding of the Chinese social background, based onwhich the Chinese legal system has formed. With consciousness on ruleof law, democratic theories growing, China has made unprecedentedachievements in practicing the rule of law as a basic strategy to governState affairs. The achievements reflected in two ways: (1) Gradualimprovement of the legal system including constitutional amendment,administrative law, criminal law, civil & commercial law, economic law,and social law. (2) Another is the significant progress in judicial reforms,cultivation of legal awareness and rule of law, public interest law, andlaw research.
Table of Contents
Course of Legal System & NomocracyConstruction
Legislation, Jurisdiction & Law Enforcement
Constitution-based System
Administration By lawBuilding Service-oriented Government
Criminal Law & Related Legislation
Civil & Commercial Legislation& Economic Legislation
Social Laws
The Udertakings of Legal Supervision& Legal Services
Training of Legal Education & Legal Concept
Integration of China's Domestic Law withInternational Law
China's Laws (in English)