China's History

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China is one of the earliest ancient civilizations in the world. Chinese
civilization is the only ancient civilization in humanhistory without
any interruption. This book outlines the developmenttrajectory of
Chinese history, represents the demeanor andcharacteristics of Chinese
civilization and interprets the secrecy ofthe continuity and
rejuvenation of the densely populated ancientcivilization after several
thousand years of vicissitudes. 
Table of Contents
The Origin of Chinese Culture
The Xia, Shang and Western Zhou Dynasties:Early States and Bronze Civilization
The Spring & Autumn and Warring States Periods:Vassals Contend for Hegemony and Social Reform
Qin and Han Dynasties: Establishment andDevelopment of a Great Unified Country
Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties:Regime Division and Ethnic Concentration
Sui and Tang Dynasties: a Prosperous and Open Age
Song and Yuan Dynasties: Diverse Cultural Collisions and Great Socio-economic Development
Ming and Qing Dynasties (before the Opium War): Prosperity of Farming Civilization and Crisis before Modern Times
Fall and Struggle of Modern China
Exploration Progress of the People's Republic of China for Socialist Modernization

China's History