Bridge: A Practical Course in Intermediate Chinese vol.1 - Textbook

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Language: English, French
Page: 397
Publication Date: 06/1996
ISBN: 7561904762
Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press
Series: Bridge - A Practical Course in Intermediate Chinese
It enables the learners to transfer smoothly from the elementary level to the advanced level. This two-volume course book is suitable for intermediate learners with a vocabulary of 2,500 words. Aiming at developing the learners'communication skills, it provides topics in education, marriage, economy, law, etc. through functional and cultural projects. It mainly includes the 3rd level vocabulary and grammar, providing multiple repeats of key words, grammar, sentence patterns, functional items and topics. Each lesson contains text, words collocation and extension, grammar notes, sub-texts, exercises, etc. It is an excellent textbook with up- to-date content, high recurrence of words, abundant exercises and clear explanations

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As a foreign student of Chinese I was impressed by the range and price of books from Purple Culture and would recommend them to all students
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Bridge: A Practical Course in Intermediate Chinese vol.1 - Textbook