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English-Chinese Railway Dictionary
ISBN: 9787113208172 | Published on 05/2016

Hand-painted Scenery of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal
ISBN: 9787113185947 | Published on 07/2014

Roaming the ancient city of Shaoxing: hand-painted tour map
ISBN: 7113151612,9787113151614 | Published on 09/2012

Technical Specification for CTCS-2 Onboard ATP
ISBN: 9787113302924 | Published on 06/2023

PROCEEDINGS: 9th International Heavy Haul Conference
ISBN: 9787113101459 | Published on 05/2023
Heavy haul technology is regarded as an important orientation for the freight transportation development of the world and one of the important signs...

A Series of Textbooks on Railway Transportation for the Belt and Road: Introduction to Railway
ISBN: 9787113290689 | Published on 06/2022 | Series: A Series of Textbooks on Railway Transportation for the Belt and Road

"The Belt and Road" Rail Transit Series Planning Textbook: Rail Vehicle Manufacturing
ISBN: 9787113287061 | Published on 02/2022

Installation and Testing of Mechatronics Equipment
ISBN: 9787113252151 | Published on 10/2020
Taking SX-815Q mechatronic comprehensive training and assessing equipment as the carrier, this book is a training textbook which is based on project...

Strenth Foundation of Railway Vehicles
ISBN: 9787113262273 | Published on 03/2020
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Introduction to Railway
ISBN: 9787113265090 | Published on 12/2019