Shaanxi: Home to Chinese Civilization

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Table of Contents
The Land of Abundance and the Cradle of
Chinese Civilization
Lantian Ape-man--from Ape to Man
Splendor of the Matriarchal Clan Society—Banpo Man
Ancestors of the Chinese and Home to Yandi and the
Yellow Emperor
Cang Jie Inventing the Chinese Writing System—Farewell to the Uncivilized Society
A State of Rituals and Music
Birthplace of Agriculture in China
The State Capital of Feng and Hao
A Civilization Featuring Advanced Music and Ritual
Home to Bronze Ware
The First Unified State--the Qin Empire
Shang Yang's Political Reforms--Drive of Social
Pursuit of Bigness and Grandness
Xianyang--the No. 1 Capital City of China
A Political System of Far-reaching Influence
chi dao andzhi dao---the Oldest Express Way
The Greatest National Treasure--Mausoleum of Emperor
Qin Shihuang and the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses
Zhang Qian Opening the Path into Western
Regions and the Starting Point of the Silk Road
Transport Center in Ancient China--Shaanxi
Zhang Qian Opening the Silk Road
Heavenly Horses and Pomegranate Blossom from Western
Regions--Economic and Cultural Exchange Brought by
the Silk Road
Officials in Dresses from all over the World Worshipped the Emperor the Prosperity of the Silk Road in the Tang
Religions Converge at the Birthplace of
Buddhism and Taoism
Behold a High Mountain with Awe -Louguantai, the Dissemination of Classic of the Virtue of the
Tao and the Birthplace of Taoism
Buddhism Capital Shaanci--Buddhism Has Eight
Schools, Six of Them Originated from Shaanxi
Stone Tablet Proves the History—the Introductionand Development of Nestorianism and OtherForeign Religions
City of Military Importance in Northwest
China Guarantees Long-term Peace andStability
Hanjiang River, Hanzhong Area and the Han People
Hanjiang River, Hanzhong Area, Guanzhong Area and the
Han Dynasty
Chang'an--the First International Metropolis in Chinese
Reforms during the Reign of Emperor Wendi and Emperor
Jingdi of Han and Emperor Wudi 's Territory Expansion
Sima Qian and Shiji--a Renowned Historic Record
The Pyramid of China--the Imperial Mausoleum of the
Western Han Dynasty
The Splendid Arts in the Han Dynasty
A Blend of Ethnic Minorities--Rule under the
Sui Dynasty
Center of National Integration
Spread of Buddhism and Center of Buddhist Script
Center of North-south Cultural Convergence
Sui Dynasty~Reunifieation and Institutional Innovation
City of Military Importance in Northwest China—Xi’an City
The Treasure House of Oriental Culture Xi 'anBeilin
The Practical Thinking of Guanxue
The No. I Temple of Wuyue--Xiyue Temple
Red Torch Brightened the Holy Land of China's Revolution
Constitution Protection Movement against
Yuan Shikai and the Northern Expedition
The Torch of Revolution in Northwest China—Weihua Uprising
Xi'an lncident—Turning Point of the Politieal
The Red Holy Land for Revolution—Yan 'an
Picturesque Qinling, China's Dragon Vein
A Miraculous Mountain
Paradise of Animals and Plants
China's Central National Park
China's "Dragon Vein"
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Shaanxi: Home to Chinese Civilization