China in Stories: Shaanxi - A Cradle of Chinese Civilization

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Table of Contents

I. Cultural Icons of Shaanxi

4 Introduction

6 Zhougong Temple: A Symbol of the Virtues Throughout the Millennia

10 Terracotta Warriors: The Eighth Wonder of the World

13 Wuzhangyuan: A Plain Remembered for Immortal Faith and Commitment

17 Dayan Pagoda: Master Xuanzang and His Pilgrimage Westward

20 Guanzhong Academy: Where the Guanzhong School Endures

24 Qinling Mountains: Burning a Plank Road

28 Lishan Mountain: King You Tricking His Lords with Beacon Fires

32 Huashan Mountain: A Peak with Breathtaking Precipitousness

36 Hukou Waterfall: The Flow That Inspires the Yellow River Cantata

40 Pagoda Mountain of Yan’an: A Lighthouse of the Chinese Revolution

43 Bell Tower of Xi’an: A Legend of Trapping a Sea-Turtle


II. Customs of Shaanxi

48 Introduction

50 Biangbiang Noodles: A Fantastic Dish with a Fantastic Name

54 Guokui Flatbread: A Wartime Ration of Old

57 Chinese Chili Oil: The Soul of Shaanxi Cuisine

61 Paomo: Served in a Big Bowl with a Warm Heart

64 Oversized Bowls: Filled with Shaanxi People’s Hospitality

66 Handkerchiefs as Headwear: A Blossom on Women’s Heads

69 Single-Slope Rooftops: A Water-Saving Architectural Style

72 Not Marrying Outsiders: Parental Love for Shaanxi Girls to Be Married

74 Preference for Squatting: A Life Style Unique to Shaanxi

77 Shaanxi Opera: Singing the Enflamed Passion of Shaanxi People


III. Unique Arts of Shaanxi

82 Introduction

84 Shaanxi Opera: The Revival of an Ancient Art

88 Meihu: Singing for the Revolution

91 Xintianyou: “Ballads of the Soul” on the Plateau

93 Shaanxi Paper-Cutting: The Woman Who Made Miracles Out of Paper

96 Huyi Farmer Painting: An Echo of Picasso in the East

99 Fengxiang Painted-Clay Sculpture: A “Living Fossil” Out of the Loess

101 Tri-Colored Glazed Pottery of Tang: A Shining Pearl Among Ancient Chinese Ceramics

104 Shadow Puppets: Light and Shade Coming to Life

107 Dough Sculptures: The Wonders of Flour

109 Ansai Waist-Drum Dance: Performance on Tian’anmen Square


IV. Outstanding Figures of Shaanxi

114 Introduction

116 Xuanyuan the Yellow Emperor: The Forefather of Huaxia

119 Cangjie: The Legendary Inventor of Chinese Characters

122 Sima Qian: Historian Par Excellence

125 Sun Simiao: A Great Physician of Unimpeachable Character

128 Zhang Zai: Champion of Social Values and Principles of Life

132 Lu Yao: Faithful to the Ordinary World

135 Chen Zhongshi: Life and Literature on the White Deer Plain

138 Li Zhensheng: “Lord of Wheat” in Modern Times


V. Accomplishments and Inventions of Shaanxi

144 Introduction

146 Qin Highway: The Precursor to the Modern Highway System

150 Zhengguo Canal: Two Thousand Years Nurturing the Guanzhong Plain

154 The Imperial Academy: The Confucian Ideals of Governance

158 The Silk Road: A Bridge Between the East and West

163 The Ten Computational Canons: A Tome of Ancient Chinese Mathematical Wisdom

166 National Northwest Associated University: Dedication to the Nation and to the Progress of Civilization

169 CHINA RAILWAY Express: An Unusual Postman

172 Fuping Dried Persimmon: The Delicious Taste of Prosperity

175 Charming Xi’an: Dreaming Back to the Tang Dynasty


VI. Spirit of Shaanxi

180 Introduction

181 The Yan’an Spirit: Serve the People Wholeheartedly

184 The Westward Spirit: Fulfilling Personal Ideals While Serving the Needs of the Country

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China in Stories: Shaanxi - A Cradle of Chinese Civilization