English for Chinese Herbal Medicine and Formula Study

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Author: Yang Zhi;
Language: English
Format: 26.7 x 19.3 x 3.8 cm
Page: 192
Publication Date: 08/2016
ISBN: 9787519214968
Table of Contents

Unit 1 An Introduction to Chinese Herbal Medicine
Part I Text: Chinese Herbalism
Part II Complementary reading

Unit 2 Basic Healing Properties
Part I Text: Tastes and Properties of Chinese Herbs
Part II Complementary reading: Materia Medica

Unit 3 Chinese Medicinal Preparation
Part I Text: Processing Chinese Medicinals: an Introduction
Part II Complementary reading: Stir-frying with Liquid Adjuvants

Unit 4 Dosage and Toxicity
Part IText: Dosage, Interaction and Toxicity
Part II Complementary reading: Three Types of Toxicity

Unit 5 Herbs
Part I Text: Astragalus
Part II Complementary reading: Asian Ginseng

Unit 6 Formula Composition
Part I Text: Composition of the Formulas
Part II Complementary reading: Modification of the Ingredients

Unit 7 Chinese Herbal Formulae
Part I Text: Writing a Chinese Herbal Formula
Part II Complementary reading: Decocting & Administering Bulk-dispensed Chinese Medicinals

Unit 8 Research Methods of Traditional Herbal Medicine
Part I Text: Research and Development of Herbal Medicines
Part II Complementary reading: Common Mistakes Seen in Research on Traditional Herbal Medicines

Answer Key

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English for Chinese Herbal Medicine and Formula Study