A Chinese Medicine English Reading Book-Chinese Medicine in Western Media

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Language: Chinese, English
Page: 152
Publication Date: 11/2017
ISBN: 9787562280163
Table of Contents
Unit One Current Situation of Chinese Medicine in the West
Text A Modern TCM.Enter the Clinic
Text B Alternative Medicine is Becoming Mainstream
Text C New Law Sparks Debate Over Future of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Unit Two Chinese Herbal Medicine
Text A Ancient Chinese Medicine Offers a New Cure: Words on Wellness
Text B Traditional Herbal Treatments for Food Allergies & Asthma
Text C How Safe is Herbal Medicine?
Unit Three Acupuncture
Text A Is Acupuncture Effective?
Text B Cancer Patients Turn to Acupuncture to Cope with Symptoms, Side Effects
Text C Do You Want Acupuncture but Hate Needles?
Unit Four Chinese Medicine Treatments for Diseases
Text A Western Scientists Look to Chinese Medicine for Fresh Leads
Text B The Baby Maker
Text C Traditional Chinese Medicine May Prevent Heart Disease and Diabetes
Unit Five Tu Youyou and Chinese Medicine
Text A Turning Point for Traditional Chinese Medicine
Text B How a Secret Chinese Military Drug Based on an Ancient Herb Won the Nobel Prize
Text C How the Woman Who Won the Nobel Prize in Medicine Saved Millions of Lives Using Ancient Chinese Lore
Unit Six Cupping
Text A Why Are So Many Olympians Covered in Large Red Circles?
Text B Can Cupping Promote Healing and Pain Relief?
Text C Cupping: It's Not Just for Olympians
Unit Seven Tai Chi
Text A Tai Chi's Healing Effects Are a Chinese Puzzle
Text B Consider Tai Chi for Back Pain
Text C What Are the Health Benefits of Tai Chi?
Unit Eight Zuo Yuezi
Text A Traditional Chinese Care for New Morns Known as "Month of Confinement"
Text B New Mothers Turn to an Old Chinese Diet
Text C British Princess' Debut Causes Postpartum Shock and Awe in China
Unit Nine Dietary Therapy
Text A Healthy Eating——A Chinese Medicine Perspective
Text B There is Magic in Those Mushrooms
Text C American Ginseng Has a Loyal Chinese Clientele
Unit Ten Health Preservation
Text A Sleep Tip: A Chinese Medicine Approach to Women's Health
Text B China's Go—to Beverage? Hot Water.Really.
Text C Medical Qigong, An Alternative Therapy for Pain
Supplementary Reading: A Promising Future for International Communication of Chinese Medicine
Text A Young TCM Practitioners on the Rise
Text B Feature: Expanded Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Cuba Benefits More
Text C Interview: Traditional Chinese Medicine on Rise in Australia: Aussie Practitioner
Text D Traditional Chinese Medicine Goes Global
Keys to the Exercises
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A Chinese Medicine English Reading Book-Chinese Medicine in Western Media