A Chinese Medicine English Reading Book-Chinese Medicine in Western Media

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Table of Contents
Unit One Current Situation of Chinese Medicine in the West
Text A Modern TCM.Enter the Clinic
Text B Alternative Medicine is Becoming Mainstream
Text C New Law Sparks Debate Over Future of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Unit Two Chinese Herbal Medicine
Text A Ancient Chinese Medicine Offers a New Cure: Words on Wellness
Text B Traditional Herbal Treatments for Food Allergies & Asthma
Text C How Safe is Herbal Medicine?
Unit Three Acupuncture
Text A Is Acupuncture Effective?
Text B Cancer Patients Turn to Acupuncture to Cope with Symptoms, Side Effects
Text C Do You Want Acupuncture but Hate Needles?
Unit Four Chinese Medicine Treatments for Diseases
Text A Western Scientists Look to Chinese Medicine for Fresh Leads
Text B The Baby Maker
Text C Traditional Chinese Medicine May Prevent Heart Disease and Diabetes
Unit Five Tu Youyou and Chinese Medicine
Text A Turning Point for Traditional Chinese Medicine
Text B How a Secret Chinese Military Drug Based on an Ancient Herb Won the Nobel Prize
Text C How the Woman Who Won the Nobel Prize in Medicine Saved Millions of Lives Using Ancient Chinese Lore
Unit Six Cupping
Text A Why Are So Many Olympians Covered in Large Red Circles?
Text B Can Cupping Promote Healing and Pain Relief?
Text C Cupping: It's Not Just for Olympians
Unit Seven Tai Chi
Text A Tai Chi's Healing Effects Are a Chinese Puzzle
Text B Consider Tai Chi for Back Pain
Text C What Are the Health Benefits of Tai Chi?
Unit Eight Zuo Yuezi
Text A Traditional Chinese Care for New Morns Known as "Month of Confinement"
Text B New Mothers Turn to an Old Chinese Diet
Text C British Princess' Debut Causes Postpartum Shock and Awe in China
Unit Nine Dietary Therapy
Text A Healthy Eating——A Chinese Medicine Perspective
Text B There is Magic in Those Mushrooms
Text C American Ginseng Has a Loyal Chinese Clientele
Unit Ten Health Preservation
Text A Sleep Tip: A Chinese Medicine Approach to Women's Health
Text B China's Go—to Beverage? Hot Water.Really.
Text C Medical Qigong, An Alternative Therapy for Pain
Supplementary Reading: A Promising Future for International Communication of Chinese Medicine
Text A Young TCM Practitioners on the Rise
Text B Feature: Expanded Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Cuba Benefits More
Text C Interview: Traditional Chinese Medicine on Rise in Australia: Aussie Practitioner
Text D Traditional Chinese Medicine Goes Global
Keys to the Exercises
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In fact , cupping is particularly beneficial for relief from back pain, headaches, menstrual cramps and other painful conditions, experts say .In a 2011 study from China, after people with fibromyalgia had daily cupping ses .sions for 15 days, their pain symptoms and the number of tender points they had decreased considerably, effects that lasted for two additional weeks .More recently, a 2013 study from India found that when people with osteoarthritis of the knee had 11 cupping treatments over a 15—day period, they gained significant relief of pain, swelling and stiffness, results that were comparable to taking 650 milligrams of acetaminophen three times a day, according to the researchers.
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A Chinese Medicine English Reading Book-Chinese Medicine in Western Media