A Guide to the Usage of HSK Vocabulary

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For Intermediate, Advanced, Chinese Teachers (TCSL)

 This dictionary caters to the needs of all the students in their preparation of HSK as well as teachers who are teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Based on the HSK Vocabulary Guideline, this dictionary aims to be scientific, standardized and practical. It covers all the 8,822 words listed in the Guideline. The frequency level of each entry is given, and for the first time the frequency  level of every item of  polysemous  entries is also given.  In addition to the simple and clear annotation,  each entry is provided with an array of collocations and abundant example sentences. What's more, other information including synonyms, antonyms, notes, word constructions, radicals, strokes, complex form of the characters, English translation of the definitions are provided. Moreover, necessary revisions have also been made by the compilers of the old HSK Guideline.
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A Guide to the Usage of HSK Vocabulary