International Trade Law: Theory and Practice

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction to International Trade Law
Section A The Definition, Scope of International Trade Law
I. Brief Introduction to International Trade
II. Defination of International Trade Law
III. History of International Trade Law
Section B The Sources of International Trade Law
I. Sources of International Law
II. Sources of International Trade Law
Section C Subjects and Fundamental Principles of International Trade Law
I. Subjects of International Trade Law
II. Fundamental Principle of International Trade Law

Chapter 2 Contract for the International Sale of Goods
Section A Introduction
I. Sources of The Law of Contract for The International Sale of Goods
II. Application of Law to the Contract for the International Sale of Goods
Section B International Commercial Terms
I. Defination of Incoterms
II. The Terms in Incoterms 2000"
Section C Introduction to the CISG
I. Brief History of The CISG
II. Main Structure of The CISG
III. The Sphere of Application of the CISG
Section D Formation of International Sales Contract
I. The Offer
II. The Acceptance
Section E Obligations of the Seller and the Buyer
I. The Obligations of the seller
II. Buyer's Obligations
Section F Breach of Contract and Remedies
I. Fundamental Breach of Contract and Anticipatory Breach of Contract
II. Remedies for Breach of Contract by the Seller
III. Remedies for Breach of Contract by the Buyer
Section G Passing of Risk
I. Defination of Risk
II. Legal Consequences of Passing of Risk
III. Guiding Principle of Passing of Risk
Section H Preservation of Goods
I. Duties of Preserve the Goods
II. Measures of Preservation of Goods
Chapter 3 International Carriage of Goods
Section A International Carriage of Goods by Sea
I. Bill of Lading
II. Legal Framework of the Laws Governing B/L
Chapter 4 International Cargo Insurance
Chapter 5 Payment in International Sale of Goods
Chapter 6 Dispute Settlement in International Trade
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Endorsement refers to the recording of items concerned on the backside of a draft or onthe allonge to the draft with a signature or seal put to the record. Unless the negotiableinstrument is made "non-transferrable" at the beginning, it can be endorsed in order tonegotiate it. An instrument is most commonly endorsed for the purpose of negotiating an orderinstrument so that the transferee becomes a holder. The endorser's liability is secondary and isconditioned on dishonor of the instnunent. The endorser agrees to be liable according to theterms of the instrument at the time of his endorsement. Endorsement can be special or blank. Aspecial endorsement is an endorsement which indentifies the person to whom it makes theinstrument payable and can change an instrument from payable to bearer to payable to anindentified person. An endorsement which is not special is a blank endorsement which meansthat the holder endorses without indentifying a person to whom the instnunent is payable. Ablank endorsement changes an instrument that is payable to an indentified person to aninstrument that is payable to the bearer. An endorser is liable for guaranteeing the acceptanceand payment of the negotiable instrument held by his subsequent party after he negotiates it byendorsement. The endorser shall pay off the sum and expenses, as stipulated to the holder incase of non-acceptance or non-payment.
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International Trade Law: Theory and Practice