Introductory Guide to Commercial Law

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction
Section 1 Legal Systems and Law
Section 2 About Commercial Law
Section 3 Choice of Business Organizations
Section 4 Introduction to Contracts
Chapter 2 Partnership Law
Section 1 Partnerships
Section 2 Sole Proprietorship and Partnership
Section 3 Partnership law of England
Chapter 3 Company Law
Section 1 What Is a Corporation
Section 2 Types of Companies
Section 3 The Article of Incorporation
Section 4 Management of Corporation
Section 5 Veil of Incorporation
Section 6 Stock
Section 7 The Director as a "Fiduciary"
Section 8 Officers of Corporation
Section 9 Merger, Consolidation, and Termination of Corporation
Section 10 The Company Law of China
Chapter 4 Insurance Law
Section 1 History of Insurance
Section 2 Fundamental Principles of Insurance Law
Section 3 The Contract of Insurance
Section 4 Classes of Insurance
Chapter 5 Banking Law
Section 1 Banks and Banking
Section 2 When Banks Collide
Section 3 Checks
Chapter 6 Intellectual Property Law
Section 1 Copyright Law
Section 2 Patent Law
Section 3 Protection for Trademarks and Trade Names
Chapter 7 Dispute Resolution
Section 1 Arbitration
Section 2 Civil Procedure Law
Section 3 Criminal Procedure Law
Chapter 8 Negotiation
Section 1 Negotiating an Agreement
Section 2 Negotiating by Phone
Section 3 Language in International Business
Appendix 1 Company Law of the People's Republic of China
Appendix 2 Insurance Law of the People's Republic of China
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Introductory Guide to Commercial Law