Introduction to Chinese Law Based on Data Analysis

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Legal Culture in Ancient China
1.1 Brief Legal History in China
1.2 Legal Culture in Ancient China
Chapter 2 Binary Framework of Chinese Law: Formal and Informal System
2.1 Relations between Formal and Informal System
2.2 Characters and Functions of Formal and Informal System
2.3 Theories on Conditions to Choose Disputes Resolutions
Chapter 3 Political System and Constitutional Law in China
3.1 Brief History of Constitutional Law in China
3.2 Basic Structure of the Constitution of PRC
3.3 Central Government Organs
3.4 The Local State Organs
3.5 Political Parties System
3.6 Basic Social System in PRC
3.7 Citizens’ Fundamental Rights and Duties
Chapter 4 Law-Making in China
4.1 Sources of Law in China
4.2 Law-Making Procedure
4.3 Legal System in PRC
4.4 Law-Supervising System of China
4.5 Law and the CCP’s Policy
4.6 Informal Law
Chapter 5 Law-Enforcing in China
5.1 Law-Enforcing: Adjudication
5.2 Recent Development of Adjudication in China
5.3 Informal System: Mediation and Arbitration
Chapter 6 Legal Profession in China
6.1 Formal Legal Profession
6.2 Other Legal Workers
6.3 Imbalance of Development of Legal Profession
Chapter 7 Legal Education and Research in China
7.1 Higher Legal Education
7.2 Professional Legal Education
7.3 Popularization of Legal Knowledge
7.4 Legal Research

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Introduction to Chinese Law Based on Data Analysis