Chinese Securities Law:Cases And Rules

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This book is drafted in a style of common law textbook, just like those using in the law schools of USA, but with typical Chinese securities cases and laws. It covers the general introduction of Chinese securities laws on securities issuance, transactions, institutions, regulatory and legal liabilities for illegal practices.
Table of Contents
Chapter One General Introduction of Chinese Securities Law
Case: Hu Zhenzhu v. Shanghai Stock Exchange
Chapter Two Issuance of Securities
Section 1 Issuance of Stock, Bond or Other Securities
Case: Chen Mingang v. Shanghai Perfection Nanometre New Material Co., Ltd
Section 2 Underwriting of Securities
Case: Guosen Securities Co., Ltd. v. Xiyi Co., Ltd. and Xiyi Group Co. Ltd
Chapter Three Transactions in Securities
Section 1 Listing of Securities
Case: HKEx Listing Decision on VIE Structure
Section 2 Acquisitions of Listed Companies
Case: Case Re Hostile Takeover of Ewushang
Section 3 Disclosure oflnformation
Case: Tu Miaolong v. SinoPlatinum Metals Co., Ltd
Chapter Four Securities Institutions
Section 1 Stock Exchange
Case: Chen Yutian v. Haitong Securities Co., Ltd., et al
Section 2 Securities Companies
Case: Chen Shanghai Kangding Road Securities Sales Department,Hongyuan Securities Co., Ltd
Section 3 Securities Registration and Clearing Institutions
Case: China Machinery & Electronic Products of Exports Investment Co., Ltd Minfa Securities Co., Ltd. & China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited
Section 4 Securities Trading Service Institutions
Case: Xiao Xianbai v. Hisense Kelon Electrical Holdings Co., Ltd. and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu CPA Ltd
Chapter Five Securities Regulation
Section 1 China Securities Regulatory Commission
Case: Ding Liye v. China Securities Regulatory Commission
Section 2 SelfRegulatory Bodies
Case: Zhang Yiyong v. Shanghai Securities Central Registration and Clearing Corporation & Shanghai Stock Exchange
Chapter Six Legal Liabilities for Illegal Practices
Section 1 Insider Trading
Case: Chen Zuling v. Pan Haishen
Section 2 Market Manipulation
Case: Xie Xuefen v. Cheng Wenshui & Liu Yanze
Section 3 False Statement
Case: Fan Meij uan v. Huawen Media Investment Corporation
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Chinese Securities Law:Cases And Rules