New Practical Chinese Reader (German Edition) CD-ROM

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Level: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate

This is the multimedia courseware accompanying New Practical Chinese Reader (German  Edition), including two CD-ROMs, covering not only texts (which are provided with reading and can be converted between traditional and simplified Chinese characters and the pinyin or Chinese characters in which can be either displayed or hidden), animations for the texts, new words and pronunciations, but also such interactive exercises as multiple-choice questions, true or false drills, and matching exercises so that an interactive learning can be achieved. Furthermore, the CD-ROMs provide a dynamic album of English interpretations and captions for the cultural background relevant to the texts, giving the learners an opportunity to learn about the Chinese culture and conditions in a visual way.
Two practical accessories are also included in the CD-ROMs:
1. A small e-dictionary: All the new words in the textbook are provided with pronunciations and can be found by typing in either pinyin or simplified Chinese characters. In addition, the characters, pinyin, parts of speech or English notes can be hidden to facilitate the learner’s use and revision.
2. Syllables of Chinese Putonghua: Tables of the consonants and vowels in the Chinese language are provided, making it possible for the user to get more than 400 syllables clicking the consonants and vowels; and when a syllable is clicked, the standard pronunciation for it will be played for the beginners to learn.
This product can be used together with the textbook or independently.
New Practical Chinese Reader (German Edition) CD-ROM