Road to Success: Lower Elementary Vol.2 (with Workbook & CD)

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Level: Elementary

Lower Elementary, following Threshold of Road to Success, is the first step for the students to study Chinese grammar.
It consists of two volumes, the first of which covers three units and the second covers four. Each unit is composed of 4 lessons. There are altogether 28 lessons. After learning the two volumes, the students will be able to speak more than 600 Chinese words and expressions and write over 400 Chinese characters.
Each volume is equipped with the recording script and worksheet. The worksheets are assignments for lessons. There are 7 sets of unit review exercises in the worksheet, which can help the students to have a comprehensive review.
An accompanying CD has recording of the texts, new words, some of the listening exercises.

About the Author
Yang Nan is a teacher of the College of Advanced Chinese Training, Beijing Language and Culture University.

随书附赠录音CD 1盘,录有课文、生词及部分听力练习题等内容。


Table of Contents

第四单元 生活安排
Unit Four Activities of Daily Life
13 我们在食堂门口见面
We’ll meet at the gate of the canteen
语言点:Language Points:
1.介词(1):在、给、跟The prepositions在,给and跟
2.“或者”和“还是” 或者and还是
14 我不能去看电影
I can’t go to see the movie
语言点:Language Points:
助动词(1):想、要、能The auxiliary verbs想,要and能
15 我从星期一到星期三有课
I have classes from Monday to Wednesday
语言点:Language Points:
1.介词(2):从The preposition从
2.“第”表示序数第indicating an ordinal number
16 我在操场踢球呢
I am playing football on the playground
语言点:Language Points:
在呢indicating an action in progress
语音注释:Notes on Chinese Phonetics:
“啊”的音变Change of Pronunciation of。啊
第五单元 寻求帮助
Unit Five Seeking for Help
17 我不会汉字输入
I don’t know how to input Chinese characters
语言点:Language Points:
1.助动词(2):会The auxiliary verb会
2.介词(3):对The preposition对
18 一直往前走
Go straight ahead
语言点:Language Points:
1.介词“往”和动词“离”The preposition往and the verb离
2.先……,然后……The structure先,然后……
19 房间里可以上网
There’S access to the Internet in the room
语言点:Language Points:
1.助动词(3):可以The auxiliary verb可以
The affirmative-negative question with是不是
20 请你帮我还他
Please return it to him for me
语言点:Language Points:
1.兼语句The pivotal sentence
2.双宾语句Double—object sentences
第六单元 说明描述
Unit Six IIlustration and Description
21 你怎么了
What’S wrong with you
语言点:Language Points:
1.“了”表示变化了indicating a change
2.主谓谓语句The sentence with a S-P phrase as the predicate
22 我25岁
I’m 25
语言点:Language Points:
2.“更”“最”表示比较更or最indicating comparison
23 这件衣服是中式的
This coat is of Chinese style
语言点:Language Points:
2.“有点儿”和“一点儿”The phrases有点儿and一点儿
3.动词重叠 Reduplication of verbs
24 我发音发得不太准
My pronunciation is not very standard
语言点:Language Points:
状态补语The complement of manner
25 我的家乡冬天比北京暖和
It'S warmer in my hometown in winter than in Beijing
语言点:Language Points:
比较句(1):“比”Comparison using比
第七单元 比较时态
Unit Seven Comparison and Tense
26 我们国家的菜没有四川菜那么辣
Dishes in our country are not as hot as those in Sichuan
语言点:Language Points:
比较句(2):“没有”Comparison using没有
27 上海跟北京不一样
Shanghai iS different from Beijing
语言点:Language Points:
比较句(3):“一样”Comparison using一样
28 秋天要到了
Autumn is coming
语言点:Language Points:
要了indicating that an action is going to take place soon
汉字索引Index of Chinese Characters

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Sample pages of Road to Success: Lower Elementary Vol.2 (with Workbook & CD) (ISBN:9787561921821)
Sample pages of Road to Success: Lower Elementary Vol.2 (with Workbook & CD) (ISBN:9787561921821)

Road to Success: Lower Elementary Vol.2 (with Workbook & CD)