Road to Success: Intermediate Vol.2 (with CD)

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Intermediate, following Lower Intermediate of Road to Success, provides comprehensive intermediate Chinese texts and makes preparations for the learners' advanced Chinese study.

This book integrates language knowledge, language skills and social culture. It uses the latest research achievements in the field of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL) of the recent years, such as the studies on morphemes, paragraphs, pragmatics, so as to make the teaching contents and forms more complete, standard and innovative.

It consists of two volumes, each of which has 7 lessons. Every lesson contains five parts: "Introduction to the Text", "Text", "New words and Grammar", "Exercises and Extensive Reading". The lessons and new words are designed into folio formats to facilitate the students to find the pronunciation, meanings and usages of the new words as soon as possible when they study the texts. Two extensive readings are attached at the end of each text to provide the students with more Chinese language materials, expand the themes of the texts, enlarge the students' vocabulary and develop their language sense.

This is the second volume of Intermediate. Its contents involve many aspects such as studying abroad, extreme sports, dialect, environmental protection, feelings, family, drop-out children etc. The genres of the selected articles include prose, interview, miscellany etc. The students can learn 550 new words, 50 key words or grammar, 20 commonly-used morphemes and more than 80 relevant words, 20 sets of synonym discriminations and 34 idioms.

An accompanying MP3 includes the recording of the introductions to the texts, texts and new words.
Road to Success: Intermediate Vol.2 (with CD)