Road to Success: Threshold (with CD)

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4 class hours / lesson, altogether 8 lessons

Threshold, the first volume of Road to Success, is a textbook for foreigners who have never learned Chinese before. This book helps the students lay a solid foundation to study Chinese pronunciation and Chinese characters. It also helps the students master some words and expressions for daily communication.
Altogether there are 8 lessons, each of which is composed of five parts, "Follow Me", "Learn Chinese Phonetics", "Notes on Chinese Phonetics", "Exercises" and "Interesting Chinese Characters". All the exercises strengthen the students’ overall command of the learned phonetics at class from four aspects. But special efforts are made to improve the students’ listening, speaking and reading skills. They will master 50 commonly-used Chinese characters, which are very easy to form other characters. The command of these 50 Chinese characters can help students to establish a sound foundation for further study of Chinese characters.

About the Author
Zhang Hui is a teacher of the College of Advanced Chinese Training, Beijing Language and Culture University.
Table of Contents
致学习者To Students
1 Ni hao!How do you do?/Hi!
语音注释Notes on Chinese Phonetics
1.声调符号的标注Tone mark labeling
2.轻声(1)The neutral tone f11
3.第三声的变调(1)The sandhi in the third tone f1)

2 Zaoshang hQo!Good ml rning
语音注释Notes on Chinese Phonetics
1.关于a、e、i的发音On the pronunciation of a,e and i
2.拼写说明Instruction on p inyin writing
3.第三声的变调(2)The sandhi in the third tone f2)

3 Ni he shenme?What whld you like to drink?
语音注释Notes on Chinese Phonetics
1.声母b、P、m、f的发音The articulation of initials b,P,m and f
2.声母Z、G、S的发音The aniculation of initials Z,C and s
3.单韵母e、u、0的发音The articulation of mon0一finals e,u and u
4.第一声的发音The aniculation of the first tone
5.声调标注规则The rules about marking the tones

4 WO VaO huan renmlnbi
I’d like 10 change some money into RMB
语音注释Notes on Chinese Phonetics
1.声母d、t、n、I的发音The articulation of initials d,t.n and I
2.声母zh、ch、sh、r的发音The articulation of initials zh,ch, sh and r
3.韵母ai、ei、ao、OU的发音The articulation of finals ai,ei,ao and ou
4.第二声的发音The aniculation 0f the second tone

5 Ni au nar?Where are you going?
语音注释Notes on Chinese Phonetics
1.声母j、q、x的发音The articulation of initials j,q and x
2.声母g、k、h的发音The articulation of initials g,k and h
The articulation of nasal finals an,en,in;ang,eng and ing
4.第三声的变调(3)The sandhi in the third tone(3)

6 Ni shi na guo ren? Where are you from?
语音注释Notes on Chinese Phonetics
To differentiate the finals z,c,s;zh,ch,sh;j,q and x
The pronunciation of finals ie,Oe;ian and Qan
3.第四声的发音The articulation of the fourth tone

7 Zhe shi Women lla de zhaoplan
This is a photo of my fanily.
语音注释Notes on Chinese Phonetics
1.声母r和l的分辨The differentiation between initials r and I
2.轻声(2)The neutral tone(2)

8 Ni xihuan chT shenme? What do you like to eat
语音注释Notes on Chinese Phonetics
汉字索引Index 0f Chinese Claraclers
致教师To Teachers
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Road to Success: Threshold (with CD)