Chongqing Statistical Yearbook 2014

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"Chongqing Statistical Yearbook 2014" is compiled by the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Statistics and the National Bureau of Investigation Corps Chongqing, China Statistics Press published a comprehensive record of Chongqing's economic construction and social development of large-scale annual statistical distribution. The book contains historically important years in Chongqing and 2013 statistical data in all aspects of economic and social, as well as the districts (counties) main statistics.
"Chongqing Statistical Yearbook 2013" The book has 22 chapters, including 1 integrated; 2. National accounts; 3 Population and Employment; 4 fixed asset investment; five energy consumption; 6 finances; 7 People living with. price; 8 towns; 9 resources and the environment; 10 elements of the market; 11 agriculture and rural economy; 12 industries;. 13 construction; 14 transport and post and telecommunications; 15 domestic trade; 16 Foreign Trade and Economic and tourism; 17 financial industry; 18 education, science and technology and cultural industries; 19 health, sports and other social activities; 20 counties; 21 Chongqing Three Gorges Project reservoir resettlement; 22 basic units List library. Meanwhile appendix a chapter: national and provincial (autonomous regions and municipalities) main statistics. Before each chapter set up a "brief description" describes the main contents and sources of this chapter, the end of the chapter with "Main Statistical Indicators."
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Chongqing Statistical Yearbook 2014