Hubei Statistical Yearbook 2014

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"Hubei Statistical Yearbook 2014" is an information-intensive information tool. Through large amounts of data, comprehensive analysis, records and reflects the development of Hubei Province in 2013 the economic, social, technological, cultural and other aspects. Has a large amount of information, authoritative, wide applicability and so on.
Second, the Yearbook includes a comprehensive, population, employees and wages, fixed assets investment, energy production and consumption, price index, people's lives, resources and environment, urban profile, agriculture, industry, construction, transport and telecommunications, at home and abroad trade, foreign economic and tourism, finance, banking and insurance, education, science and culture, sports, health, social welfare,, major economic indicators Zone, Hubei Province, Wuhan city circle, western Hubei ecological and cultural tourism circle, counties Overview , appendix, etc. 23 parts, city profiles section of urban information system, not including municipal counties.
Third, Hubei Statistical Yearbook 2014, chapter structure and the "China Statistical Yearbook" consistent reference to the implementation of the National Bureau of Statistics "Statistical Yearbook of the index system of provincial projects
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Hubei Statistical Yearbook 2014