Beijing Statistical Yearbook 2014

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"Beijing Statistical Yearbook 2014" is a large part of the annual statistics published continuously. The yearbook through a lot of statistical data, the real record of the year to change Beijing's economic and social development, are all walks of life at home and abroad to understand Beijing, recognizing the important information tool of Beijing.
"Beijing Statistical Yearbook 2014" overall framework remained stable, generally consists of two parts: a selection of articles and statistics.
"Beijing Statistical Yearbook 2014" statistics include 24 chapters, namely a comprehensive, national accounts, population and employment, energy, resources and environment, the total fixed asset investment and real estate development, finance and taxation, price index, people's lives, urban public utilities, agriculture and the rural economy, industry, construction, transportation post and telecommunications, wholesale and retail trade, accommodation and catering industry, foreign economy and trade, tourism, finance and insurance, education, culture, science and technology, health, sports, social 24 Chapter welfare, community, political and legal and other tertiary industries, business climate index, consumer confidence index, Development Zone. From the multi-sector, multi-field reflects the city's economic and social development.
"Beijing Statistical Yearbook 2014" in accordance with established practice, the title marked the year is the year of publication, the latest data in the Yearbook of Statistics indicated in the previous year, compared with the data.
"Beijing Statistical Yearbook 2014," Statistics of names in the "year" broadly there are three methods of identification, representing the three meanings. First, the tables entitled "****** (1978-2013 years)" words (where "******" on behalf of the statistics reflect the content, the same below), indicating that the data presented in the table from 1978 to 2013; Second, the tables were not displayed in the year, indicating that the data presented in the table for the current year and prior year data for two years; three tables named "****** (2013) "indicates that the data listed in the table for 2012 data.
"Beijing Statistical Yearbook 2014" captions include "User's Guide", "brief description" and notes under the table and so on. "User's Guide" before "directory" is the overall framework for the yearbook introduced to adjust the content of the main explained; "brief description" in each chapter page, introduces the main contents of the chapters, data sources, statistical range, indicators caliber and historical data to adjust methods; notes under the tables is some statistical indicators caliber, methods, scope of content description.
"Beijing Statistical Yearbook 2014" Under normal circumstances, a few tables before each chapter are the professional or core indicators in the field of historical data. If you press consecutive year historical data reflected in a table, generally can be used continuously, but also need to pay attention to comments under the table in order to have a more detailed indicators connotation understanding; If historical data is divided into several tables displayed, said related statistical indicators had significant adjustments to reflect the needs segmentation.
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Beijing Statistical Yearbook 2014