Hubei Statistical Yearbook 2012 (with CD-ROM)

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"Hubei Statistical Yearbook (with CD-ROM 2012) (fine)" (of Hubei Province Bureau of Statistics, National Bureau of Hubei Survey Organization) is an information-intensive information tool. Comprehensive analysis of large amounts of data, document and reflect the Hubei Province, in 2011 the economic, social, technological, cultural and other aspects of development. Characteristics of the large amount of information, authoritative, and wide applicability.
Table of Contents
Special Report
Employment and Wages
Investment in fixed assets
Foreign economic relations and trade and tourism
Finance, banking, insurance
People's lives
City Overview
Resources and the environment
Building industry
Transportation, post and telecommunications
Domestic Trade
Science, technology and education
Health and Social Services
Culture and Sports
Public administration and other
Business Climate
Development Zone, the main economic indicators
"Laps" main economic indicators
The main indicators of the Three Gorges Project Gorges Dam, Hubei
The main indicators of the county economy
Appendix National Provincial Key Indicators
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Hubei Statistical Yearbook 2012 (with CD-ROM)