Jilin Statistical Yearbook 2011

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First, the "Jilin Statistical Yearbook -2011 '(in Chinese and English) is a fully reflect the province's economic and social development of annual data. This book contains the province, cities (prefectures) and counties (cities) in 2010 a large number of economic and social aspects of statistics.
Second, the book is divided into 20 parts, namely, 1 composite; (2) national accounts; 3 population; 4 employees and wages; 5 fixed-asset investment; 6 energy production and consumption; 7 Financial, finance and insurance; 8 prices; 9 people's lives; 10 municipal utilities and environmental protection; 11. agriculture; 12 industry; 13 transport and postal communications; 14 construction; 15 wholesale and retail trade catering; 16. foreign trade and tourism; 17 education and culture; 18 sports, health and other undertakings; 19 business climate; 20. city (prefecture) and county (city) profile. Appendix: 1. Northeast Main Economic Indicators (2009) 2 Main Statistical Indicators.
Third, the data in the units of measurement used are internationally standard measurement units.
Fourth, part of the information in the Yearbook or the relative number of total number of units of choice due to difference in the calculation error, were not to make mechanical adjustments.
Fifth, the magnitude of value used in the Yearbook of indicators, in addition to already indicated, calculated at current prices, growth rate at constant prices.
Sixth, use of symbols in the Yearbook states: "space" indicates that the index information is available with or without the information; "#" indicates the major items.
Seven, the book's editing and publishing, to get the support of provincial departments, we express our sincere thanks!
Table of Contents
 First comprehensive
1-1 Administrative Division (late 2010)
1-2 of natural resources (2010)
Weather conditions in major cities 1-3 (2010)
1-4 monthly mean temperature in major cities (2010)
1-5 Grouped by Sector activities of all corporate and industrial units (2010)
1-6 by region, type of grouping all the corporate sector units (2010)
1-7 grouped by type of legal entity registration units and industrial units of (2010)
1-8 by the three industries, sectors, categories grouping all the corporate units
1-9 the total economic and social development and speed indicators
1-10 day Jilin
1-11 the ratio between the main economic
1-12 BY ratio between the main economic
 Second, national accounts
2-1 GDP
GDP Index 2-2 years
2-3 GDP
Contribution rate of three industries 2-4
Pulling rate of 2-5 three industries
2-6 of cities and counties of GDP (2010)
2-7 of cities and counties GDP Index (2010)
GDP project constitutes 2-8 (2010)
2-9 years of GDP by expenditure approach
2-101978-2010 annual gross domestic product by expenditure approach constitutes
2-11 expenditure approach GDP and constitute
2-121978-2010 in final consumption and gross capital formation index (previous year = 100)
 Third, the population
3-1 years the number and composition of the province's population
The province's population of 3-2
3-3 The number of households and population of cities and counties (late 2010)
3-4 age population of the City and County (late 2010)
3-5 of cities and counties in the natural population changes (late 2010)
 Title IV, employees and wages
4-1 years the number of total employees
4-2 unit employees (not 2010)
4-3 units of each city and county employees (2010)
4-4 small industry in the Staff and Workers (2010)
4-5 employees remuneration and living units (2010)
4-6 years of total wages, average wage and index
4-7 units of each city and county employees in labor compensation and living expenses (2010)
4-8 sub-industry in the post to undergo total wages and total staff cost of living (2010)
4-9 sub-industry average wage of workers and employees to undergo an average cost of living (2010)
The end of the region 4-10 Staff and Workers (2010)
In the post 4-11 regional total wages (2010)
4-12 points detailed industry average wage of workers (2010)
4-13 employees undergo various regions of the average cost of living (2010)
4-14 working conditions of public employment services (2010)
4-15 of registered urban unemployed persons
 Fifth chapter, fixed asset investment
5-1 years in fixed assets investment
5-2 years all social housing investment and housing construction area
5-3 all the main indicators of social fixed assets investment
Urban fixed asset investment over 5-4 (2010)
5-5 of urban fixed asset investment over the main indicators
5-6 in Urban fixed asset investment (2010)
5-7 in Urban fixed asset investment in the number of construction projects put into operation (2010)
5-8 key indicators of real estate development investment
The number of real estate development enterprises employed 5-9
5-10 Investment in real estate development
Real estate development and construction projects by 5-11 minutes of use and new investment in fixed assets
5-12 real estate development and construction of housing construction area
5-13 real estate development and construction of housing floor space and cost
5-14 Selling of Commercial Houses
5-15 of energy industry investment in fixed assets
5-16 of infrastructure investment in fixed assets
5-17 Investment in Fixed Assets of the cities and counties (2010)
 Title VI, energy production and consumption
6-11978-2010 annual total energy production and composition
6-21978-2010 total energy consumption and composition
6-32005-2010 per unit GDP power consumption and lower rates
6-42005-2010 years and reduce the rate of energy consumption per unit of GDP
6-5 varieties of sub-sectors of energy consumption (physical quantity) (2010)
6-6 regional energy balance (physical quantity) (2010)
6-7 regional energy balance (standard volume) (2010)
6-8 Overall Energy Balance Sheet (standard quantity)
Coal energy balance 6-9
6-10 oil and energy balance
6-11 electrical energy balance (such as value)
6-12 subdivision distinguish electricity industry
6-13 scale industrial consumption of primary energy (2010)
6-14 scale industrial primary energy consumption per day (2010)
6-15 scale industrial primary energy inventory turnover days (2010)
 Title VII, finance, banking and insurance
7-1 the amount of revenue and expenditure
7-2 years of bank deposits and loans
7-3 sub-project revenue
7-4 local sub-project expenditure
7-5 of the city and county revenue (2010)
7-6 of cities and counties in fiscal spending (2010)
7-7 grade general budgetary revenue
7-8 grade general budget expenditure
7-9 of agricultural institutions and foreign currency deposits and loans co-end balance
7-10 key indicators of the insurance business
7-11 Number of financial institution personnel (2010)
7-12 insurance company Institutions (2010)
 Part VIII, the price
8-1 Price Indices
8-2 Retail price index (previous year = 100)
8-3 the province's consumer price index of living
8-4 Investment in fixed assets price index (previous year = 100)
8-5 main raw materials, natural materials, power, price indices
8-6 construction and installation price index (previous year = 100)
8-7 Industrial product price index
 IX, people's lives
9-1 People's Life (A)
9-2 People's Life (II)
9-3 level and growth rate of consumption
9-4 savings deposits of urban and rural residents
9-5 Basic Urban Households
9-6 Basic Urban Households (2010)
9-7 Urban household consumption expenditure per capita (2010)
9-8 per 100 urban households at the end of Durable Consumer Goods (2010)
9-9 per capita cash income of urban households
9-10 average urban households to purchase the number of major commodities
9-11 living conditions of urban households
9-12 Basic peasant family
9-13 per-capita net income of farmers
9-14 per capita consumption of rural households total expenditure
9-15 farmers per capita consumption expenditure of households
9-16 average peasant household cash expenditure
9-17 per capita cash income of farm families
9-18 per 100 farmer households at the end of Durable Consumer Goods
9-19 average peasant household consumption of major consumer goods
9-20 every hundred rural households owned fixed assets, primarily the number of productive
9-21 living conditions of rural households
 10th chapter, municipal utilities and environmental protection
Basic municipal utilities 10-1
10-2 level of urban facilities (2010)
10-3 urban construction land (2010)
10-4 Urban Water Supply (2010)
10-5 in municipal facilities (2010)
10-6 Urban Greening (2010)
10-7 Urban Environmental Health (2010)
10-8 Heating in Cities
Ability of city gas equipment, 10-9
10-10 city gas supply with gas and the total number of households
Urban Sanitation in Cities 10-11
10-12 Basic environmental protection system
10-13 enterprises pollution case
10-14 of industrial pollution and emissions of pollutants
10-15 The regional industrial emissions and processing conditions (2010)
10-16 The regional industrial wastewater discharge and treatment situation (2010)
10-17 regional emissions of major pollutants of life (2010)
10-18 regional environmental protection agencies and personnel (2010)
10-19 the natural ecological environment of the region (2010)
Part of environmental management work 10-20
 Title XI, agriculture
The rural grass-roots organization 11-1
11-2 regional rural labor force (2010)
11-3 basic situation in rural areas and rural labor resources
11-4 grassroots organizations in rural areas of counties and rural construction (2010)
11-5 cultivated area of
11-6 of the city and county land area (2010)
11-7 years Fishery and index
11-8 output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery sub-
11-9 of the city and county animal husbandry and fishery output value (2010)
Intermediate consumption of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries 11-10
11-11 years of agricultural production conditions
11-12 of agricultural production conditions
11-13 major cities and counties have the amount of agricultural machinery (2010)
11-14 of the city and county level of agricultural modernization (2010)
11-15 years the main agricultural products production and large livestock population
11-16 Main crop plantings and production
11-17 of the total sown area and production cities and counties (2010)
11-18 forestry, fisheries and other livestock production
11-19 livestock production
11-20 of the city and county livestock production (2010)
11-21 Agriculture utilities and weather stations
11-22 devastated by natural disaster situation of agriculture
Basic commodity grain base counties 11-23 (2010)
11-24 Basic Conditions of township
11-25 the province's township enterprises main economic indicators (2010)
11-262010 sort of farmers per capita net income of the top 100 towns
11-272010 sort of grain output of the top 100 towns
11-28 meat output in 2010 before the 100 towns sort
 The twelfth chapter, industrial
12-1 Main Indicators of industrial enterprises above designated size (2010)
12-2 all cities and counties the main indicators of industrial enterprises above designated size (2010)
12-3 major industry of industrial enterprises of major economic indicators (2010)
Main products of industrial enterprises 12-4 (2010)
12-5 Major Industrial Products by Region (2010)
 Chapter XIII, transportation and telecommunications industries
13-1 over the years the basic situation of transportation
13-2 Passenger traffic and cargo turnover over the years
13-3 transportation mileage
Passenger volume and passenger traffic, 13-4
13-5 freight and cargo turnover
The average distance passenger transport 13-6
13-7 average distance transport of goods
13-8 Regional Road Freight Traffic (2010)
13-9 civilian car ownership
13-10 civilian vehicle ownership (2010)
13-11 points types of goods by road freight and cargo turnover (2010)
13-12 other vehicles for civilian ownership
13-13 regional civil automobile ownership (2010)
13-14 years of post and telecommunications services
13-15 Business Volume of Post and Telecommunications
13-16 postal communication network and major equipment
 Fourteenth chapter, the construction industry
14-11978-2010 key indicators in construction enterprises
Financial situation of construction enterprises 14-3 (2010)
14-4 Construction Enterprises by Region (including labor subcontracting companies) key indicators (2010)
Construction Enterprises by Region 14-5 completed area of ​​housing construction and completion value of (2010)
 Fifteenth chapter, wholesale and retail trade and catering industry
15-1 Retail sales over the years
15-2 Retail sales
15-3 Retail sales area
15-4 Retail sales of the cities and counties (2010)
15-5 Retail trade of wholesale purchase of goods, sales, inventory, total (2010)
15-6 wholesale and retail enterprises above designated financial situation (2010)
15-7 major catering enterprises above designated financial situation (2010)
15-8 of wholesale and retail trade, accommodation services and quota-star restaurant industry for more than basic information (2010)
15-9 of the accommodation and catering operation (2010)
15-10 cities and states the case of wholesale retail trade (1) (2010)
15-11 cities and states the case of wholesale retail trade (2) (2010)
15-12 basic conditions of urban and rural individual industrial and commercial households (2010)
The basic conditions of urban and rural private enterprises 15-13 (2010)
15-14 Market Basic Classification
15-15 region of wholesale and retail enterprises by commodity category, retail sales (2010)
 Sixteenth chapter, foreign trade and tourism
Total import and export trade over the years 16-1
16-2 customs value of major commodity exporters (2010)
16-3 customs value of imports of major commodities (2010)
16-4 points of all enterprises by trade import and export value table (2010)
16-5 all enterprises by major countries (Region) The total value of imports and exports (2010)
Actual use of foreign capital of 16-6
Foreign economic cooperation 16-7
16-8 Development of Tourism (a)
16-9 Development of Tourism (B)
16-10 capacity to receive the tourism sector
16-11 cities and states in foreign direct investment (2010)
16-12 reception of foreign tourists
16-13 constitute a form of domestic tourists travel mode
 XVII articles, educational, scientific and cultural undertakings
17-1 Basic Education over the years
17-2 Basic education at all levels (2010)
17-3 of the basic education at all levels of city and county (2010)
17-4 Basic general education (2010)
17-5 of the colleges and universities, research institutions to develop graduate of (2010)
Graduate of College 17-6
Graduate College of sub-disciplines 17-7
17-8 Basic secondary school
17-9 Basic schools of various types of adult
17-10 sub-technical schools do not do the basic situation (2010)
17-11 Kindergarten Basic
17-12 Basic Special Education
Enrollment rate of primary school age 17-13
17-14 undergraduate, specialist sub form, sub-disciplines the number of students (2010)
17-15 Division general higher number of full-time teachers (2010)
17-16 schools at all levels Student-Teacher Ratio
17-17 million people in the average number of students
17-18 Industrial R & D personnel of enterprises (2009)
17-19 Industrial R & D expenditure of enterprises (2009)
17-20 Office of Science and Technology sector of industrial enterprises (2009)
17-21 industrial enterprises of all R & D project (2009)
17-22 of industrial new product development, production and sales (2009)
17-23 industrial enterprises access to technology and technological conditions (2009)
17-24 industrial enterprises the implementation of government policies (2009)
17-25 industrial enterprises own intellectual property rights and related conditions (2009)
17-26 Industrial R & D personnel of enterprises (2010)
17-27 Industrial R & D expenditure of enterprises (2010)
17-28 Office of Science and Technology sector of industrial enterprises (2010)
17-29 industrial enterprises of all R & D project (2010)
17-30 of industrial new product development, production and sales (2010)
17-31 industrial enterprises access to technology and technological conditions (2010)
17-32 industrial enterprises the implementation of government policies (2010)
17-33 industrial enterprises own intellectual property rights and related conditions (2010)
17-34 R & D personnel and R & D personnel of equivalent full-time equivalent (2009)
17-35 R & D funding for internal expenditure (2009)
17-36 R & D funding sources within the composition of expenditures (2009)
17-37 R & D expenditures for external funding (2009)
17-38 Technologies Project (subject) case (2009)
17-39 R & D activities, the outputs (2009)
17-40 research situation (2009)
17-41 of scientific and technological activities (2010)
17-42 Research and Experimental Development (R & D) Personnel (2010)
17-43 Research and Experimental Development (R & D) Expenditures (2010)
17-44 Research and Experimental Development (R & D) outputs of the (2010)
17-45 research situation (2010)
17-46 Research and Experimental Development (R & D) projects (subject) case (2010)
17-47 Basic Statistics on mass culture
17-48 public libraries, museums and cultural relics protection units of the basic situation
17-49 units of cultural activities, institutions and personnel (2010)
17-50 Basic Statistics on film
17-51 Basic arts
17-52 Publishing
17-53 journal publishing
17-54 Newspaper publishing
17-55 radio case
17-57 Basic trade union
 Eighteenth chapter, sports, health and other undertakings
Sports Sports Commissions workers 18-1
18-2 Athlete Awards (2010)
18-3 level coaches, referees, athletes develop the number of
18-4 Basic health over the years
18-5 technical staff of Health (2010)
18-6 Health Institutions, Beds and Personnel (2010)
Health institutions in various regions of 18-7 (2010)
18-8 regional health beds and Personnel (2010)
18-9 expense of civil affairs
Relief workers enjoy the benefits of 18-10
18-11 units of social welfare and staff
Basic Residential Institutions 18-12 (2010)
18-13 Basic Statistics on Persons with Disabilities
18-14 lawyers, Mediation
18-15 marriage registration
Basic Notary 18-16
18-17 fires
18-19 prosecution for corruption and bribery cases of detection (2010)
18-20 Women's organization
18-21 People's First Trial Criminal Cases Accepted and Settled (2010)
18-22 People's Court, marriage and family, inheritance, first-instance cases Settled (2010)
18-23 People's Court of First Instance contract dispute cases Settled (2010)
18-24 People's Court, ownership, infringement disputes and other civil cases of first instance Settled (2010)
 Nineteenth chapter, business climate
19-1 entrepreneur confidence index (2010)
19-2 Business Climate Index (2010)
19-3 production of climate index (2010)
19-4 corporate earnings (loss) Change Climate Index (2010)
19-5 corporate liquidity Climate Index (2010)
19-6 payment defaults on corporate climate index (2010)
19-7 labor demand business climate index (2010)
19-8 Fixed Assets Investment Climate Index (2010)
19-9 industrial business climate index (2010)
19-10 Construction Business Climate Index (2010)
19-11 Transport, storage and postal industry business climate index (2010)
19-12 Wholesale and retail business climate index (2010)
19-13 Real Estate Business Climate Index (2010)
19-14 Business Climate Index of social services (2010)
19-15 Information transmission, computer services and software business climate index (2010)
19-16 Accommodation and catering business climate index (2010)
 Twenty articles, city (prefecture) and county (city) of
20-1 basic socio-economic situation of the city (2010)
20-2 counties (cities) basic socio-economic situation (2010)
 Appendix, Main Economic Indicators Northeast
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