Jilin Statistical Yearbook 2009

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1, "Jilin Statistical Yearbook ─ 2009" (in Chinese and English) is a fully reflect the economic and social development in Jilin Province of information of annual. This book contains the province, municipalities (state) and county (city) in 2008 a large number of various aspects of economic and social statistics.
Second, the book consists of 21 parts, namely 1. Administrative divisions and natural resources; 2. Synthesis; 3. Population; 4. Practitioners and workers wages; 5. Fixed assets investment; 6. Energy production and consumption; 7. Finance, banking and insurance; 8. Prices; 9. People's lives; 10. Municipal utilities and environmental protection; 11. Agriculture; 12. Industry; 13. Transport and postal communications; 14. The construction industry; 15. Wholesale and retail trade and catering industry; 16. Foreign economic trade and tourism; 17. Education, science and technology and culture; 18. Sports, health and other undertakings; 19. Business climate situation; 20. Enterprise groups and the situation of the enterprise restructuring; 21. Municipal (prefecture) and county (city) profile. Appendix: Main Statistical Indicators.
Third, most of the information in this yearbook statistical reports from on a regular basis, some of the information from the newsletter, and sample surveys.
4, data used in the units of measurement are used internationally unified standard units of measurement.
5, the magnitude of value used in the Yearbook of indicators, in addition to already indicated, according current prices and growth rates, calculated according to comparable prices.
6, the symbols used in this yearbook states: "..." indicates lack of information in this table the minimum number of units; "space" indicates that the target information is available with or without the information; "#" said one of the major items.
7, the book's editing and publishing, to be provincial departments, cities and prefectures, counties (cities, districts) The Government and the relevant enterprises and institutions to support, we express our sincere gratitude!
Jilin Statistical Yearbook 2009