Jilin Statistical Yearbook 2018

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1. Jilin Statistical Yearbook-2018 (in both Chinese and English) is an annual statistical publication that comprehensively reflects the economic and social development of Jilin Province. This book contains a large number of statistical data on economic and social aspects of the province, cities (states) and counties (cities) in 2017.

Second, the book is divided into 19 parts, namely 1. comprehensive; 2. national economic accounting; 3. population; 4. wages of employees and employees; 5. fixed assets investment; 6. foreign economic trade and tourism; Energy production and consumption; 8. Finance, finance and insurance; 9. Price index; 10. People's life; 11. Urban public utilities and environmental protection; 12. Agriculture; 13. Industry; 14. Construction industry; 15. Transportation and post and telecommunications 16. Wholesale and retail trade and catering industry; 17. Education, science and technology and cultural undertakings; 18. Sports, health and other undertakings; 19. City (state) and county (city) profiles. Appendix: 1. Main Indicators of National Economy in the Three Provinces of Northeast China (2017); 2. “Set of Tables” for Enterprises; 3. Explanation of Main Statistical Indicators. 3. The unit of measurement and measurement used in the data adopts the international unified standard measurement unit.

4. The total number of data in the yearbook or the relative number of calculation errors due to different unit trades are not mechanically adjusted.

5. The value indicators used in this yearbook, unless otherwise stated, are calculated at current prices and the development speed is calculated at comparable prices.

6. Instructions for the use of symbols in this yearbook: “Space” indicates that the indicator data is unknown or has no such data; “#” indicates the main item.

7. The editorial and publishing of this book has received strong support from the relevant departments of the province. We sincerely thank you for this!
Jilin Statistical Yearbook 2018