China Price Statistical Yearbook 2013

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"China City (town) Life and Price Yearbook 2013" system included the 2012 annual survey of household income and expenditure of urban residents, and price survey data, is a professional fully reflect China City (town) people's living standards and various types of price changescomprehensive Yearbook.
    The Yearbook is divided into two main parts, the first part of the income and consumption of urban households; second part of the price index. Statistical Indicators Pianmo with.
    The national statistics are involved in this yearbook at the end, including Hong Kong, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Province.
    The unit of measurement used in the Yearbook data are used internationally standard measurement units.
    The data of urban residents household income and expenditure survey data and price survey data for the sample survey data, reference should be noted that representative error.
    Urban Households Income and Expenditure Survey (also known as the household survey) and the price survey by the National Bureau of Statistics Survey Organization and pumping in the City (County) Investigation Team implemented according to the National Bureau of Statistics survey program to develop a unified organization.
    Yearbook Notations used: the "space" indicates the absence of such data or data not available; * this table notes, several of them in the #.
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China Price Statistical Yearbook 2013