Inner Mongolia Statistical Yearbook 2012

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Inner Mongolia Statistical Yearbook is an annual basis for the large-scale statistics published book. The "Yearbook" by a large number of statistics, to fully reflect the 2011 Inner Mongolia Social, economic and technological developments and changes in circumstances, people from all walks of life at home and abroad about Inner Mongolia, recognize the vital statistics tool, Inner Mongolia.
Yearbook The book is divided into two parts. The first part of the Special Report, loading the important file of the autonomous regional Party and government departments and the 2011 National Economic and Social Development Statistics Bulletin. The second part is the statistical data, divided into 24 breakdown. Namely: 1. Administrative divisions and natural resources; 2. Comprehensive; 3 National Accounts; 4. Population; 5. Employment and wages of workers; 6. Investment in fixed assets; 7. Energy production and consumption; 8. Finances; 9 price Index; 10 people's lives; 11 city profiles; 12. agriculture; 13. industry; 14 construction industry; 15. transport and communications; 16. domestic trade; 17. foreign economic and trade; 18. tourism; 19. finance and insurance; 20 education, science and technology and culture; 21 sports, health, social welfare, environmental protection and other; 22. League City information; 23 counties in the district; 24. Appendix. For ease of reference, each breakdown choreography Main Statistical Indicators.
Third, most of the statistics in the yearbook annual statistical reports from the Census and Statistics department and the business sector, in part from a sample survey.
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Inner Mongolia Statistical Yearbook 2012