Inner Mongolia Statistical Yearbook 2017

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I. Statistical Yearbook of Inner Mongolia is a large-scale statistics book published annually. Through a large amount of statistical data, this Yearbook fully reflects the economic, social and technological developments and changes in Inner Mongolia in 2016, and is a tool book for people of all walks of life both at home and abroad to understand Inner Mongolia and recognize Inner Mongolia's important statistics.

Second, the book is divided into two parts. The first part is specially loaded with the important documents of the party and government departments in the autonomous region and the statistical bulletin of the national economy and social development in 2016. The second part is statistical information, divided into 24 breakdown. Namely: 1. Administrative divisions and natural resources; 2. Integrated; 3. National accounts; 4. Population; 5. Employed staff and workers' wages; 6. Investment in fixed assets; 7. Energy and environment; 8. Finance; Price index 10 People's livelihood 11 City overview 12 Agriculture 13 Construction industry 15 Transportation and postal and telecommunications 16 Domestic trade 17 Foreign economy and trade 18 Tourism 19 Finance And insurance; 20. Education, science and technology and culture; 21. Sports, health, social welfare and other; 22. League City information; 23. Qixian District information; In order to facilitate readers access, each breakdown of the major statistical indicators to explain.

Third, most of the statistical data of this Yearbook come from the annual statistical reports of the government statistical departments and business departments, and in part from the sample surveys.
Inner Mongolia Statistical Yearbook 2017