China Statistical Abstract 2013

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First, the "China Statistical Abstract" is to reflect the situation of our national economy and social development while editing a condensed comprehensive annual statistics. "China Statistical Abstract a 2013 >> included the 2012 main indicators of socio-economic data, and briefly lists the historical data since 1978. Text content is divided into specific integrated, national accounts, population, employment and wages, fixed asset investment, foreign trade and foreign investment, fiscal and financial, price index of living, agriculture, industry and energy, construction, transport and communications , domestic trade and tourism, education, science and technology, health, sports, culture, social services and environmental protection, Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region main socio-economic indicators, Taiwan Province, the main socio-economic indicators and international comparison of 17 parts. After the text is accompanied by the Main Statistical Indicators.
Second, in order to ensure - publication of the book Aging, the book in 2012 part of the data are preliminary statistics, the official data published in the future, "China Statistical Yearbook -2013" shall prevail.
Third, the book relates to national statistical indicators, with the exception of administrative divisions, land area, forest resources and precipitation, but not include Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions and Taiwan Province.
Fourth, the Hong Kong SAR and the Macao Special Administrative Region Statistics constitute part of the overall national statistics. However, according to the PRC "Hong Kong Basic Law" and "Macao Special Administrative Region Basic Law" the relevant principles, Hong Kong, Macau and the mainland to go relatively independent regions, according to their different statistical systems and legal requirements, independent statistics. Book, Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Region Statistics and Statistics Department of the HKSAR Government, respectively, the Macau Special Administrative Region Statistics and Census Service, the National Bureau for editing.
Fifth, the book part of the data relative to the total number or the number of units to choose different calculation error, not adjusted.
Six, the book about symbols for use: Summary tables of the "space" indicates that the statistical indicators less than the minimal number of units, the unknown or no data, "#" indicates the major items; "*" or "①" indicates there are comments under the table.
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China Statistical Abstract 2013