China Urban Life and Price Yearbook 2008

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I. China Urban Life and Price Yearbook 2008 mainly uses data of two books Data of Urban Households Income and Expenditure and China Price Statistical Yearbook, with the English explanation and abundance in contents and reorganization in editing mode. The yearbook is a professional annual statistics publication, which covers very comprehensive data in 2007 of urban household’s income and expenditure, basic condition of urban development and price indices.
II. The yearbook contains four main chapters, 1 .the urban households income and expenditure; 2.Resources and economics in urban area; 3.Quality of life and circumstance in urban area; 4.Price indices. In addition, Explanatory Notes on Main Statistical Indicators are provided at the end of the yearbook.
III. The national data in this yearbook do not include that of Hong Kong SAR (Special Administrative Region), Macao SAR and Taiwan province.
IV. The units of measurement used in this yearbook are in accordance with internationally standard measurement units.
V. The urban areas in this yearbook are the cities at prefecture level and above. The urban data are collected by the municipal statistical sector or the survey organization at different level; All cities in this yearbook is the whole administrative district of a city, including the city and suburb district and counties under the jurisdiction of city government; Districts under city include city and suburban district, excluded counties.
VI. The data of urban household’s income and expenditure and price indices, both are collected by sample survey; attention must be paid when the data are used
as quotation.
VII. Department of Urban Surveys of National Bureau of statistics in China organizes urban household’s survey and price indices survey. The survey organizations of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government as well as the survey organizations of the selected cities and countries collect the data in accordance with the survey scheme stipulated by NBS.
VIII. Notations used in the yearbook: "blank space" indicates that the data are unknown or are not available; # indicates a major breakdown of the total;
indicates footnotes at the end of the table.
Table of Contents
  • Income and Consumption
  • Urban Resources and Economy
  • Urban Life Quality and Environment
  • Price Indices
  • Explanatory Notes on Main Statistical Indicators
China Urban Life and Price Yearbook 2008